indelible memories

Sometimes, I wonder why the fight against miracles, especially by church leaders who are questioning the authenticity of miracles in the body of Christ. I keep asking myself questions: do they read the bible? Are miracles not part of Christianity? Why did Jesus come to die and give us salvation? I have found an answer in the man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, who stands out to give the world the message of salvation as Jesus commanded.

No matter what anybody says about Pastor Chris, the Pastor of Christ Embassy, I believe in him, he is a man of God for this generation. He has impacted the life of millions all around the world, especially the youths. Destinies of nations, families and individuals are altered as a result of his powerful teachings and miracle programs on TV, which I happen to be a living witness.

Some time ago I borrowed a video of Pastor Chris from a friend and I took it home to watch with my family. My mother had been suffering from stomach ulcer for several years and as we watched the miracles, her faith was stirred. At a point, she could no longer restrain herself, she ran to the television set and grabbed a hold of it and immediately, she fell under the power. That was how she received her healing – to this day, she lives freely without the aid or support of any drugs.

How do you explain this? It’s a miracle, and this is what Christianity is all about; anything short of this makes Christianity another dead religion. But there will always be skeptics who will not believe no matter what they see or hear, just as we have in the days of Jesus. So, Pastor Chris, keep doing the good works, no matter what anybody says, I believe in you, my family in believes you. The rich, the poor, the sick, and the down-trodden needs you… this generation needs you.

Once again I believe in you because I see Christ in you.




Folks, it is indeed “heartwhelming” to note that after the huge success recorded at the night of bliss South Africa program in Johannesburg three months ago, Pastor Chris has proven once again that he isn’t only influential in Africa but has also become a “principality” in the United Kingdom and Europe going by the reports of the hugely successful crusade at the Excel Center in London only last month.

Twenty-thousand people had breathed, tasted and drank of the miraculous and sheer heavenly bliss as they attended last month’s event-many of them seeing Pastor Chris live in the flesh for the first time, they were simply thrilled. Many received their healing and several thousand gave their hearts to Christ that night, many more were inspired for greater things.

Amazingly, I sat watching the proceedings of the gargantuan event real time on-line at a viewing center, I marveled at the graciousness of God when several people around my sitting area came out to testify of miracles they had received while watching and worshipping in the large viewing facility.

This, folks is the next dimension of kingdom evangelism, where several millions can congregate at the different places at same time and be linked via the internet in one faith and Spirit and be blessed. All of this thanks to Pastor Chris. I can gladly say I am more than convinced that Pastor Chris is fulfilling his calling and I am supremely glad to be a part of Christ Embassy.

Only last week Sunday, a program titled WORD AT WORK drew several millions of Nigerians to another virtual worship service, as brethren from Christ Embassy Churches across the country hooked up to live to a service at the LoveWorld Conference Centre, Ikeja, I was part of that privileged crowd. Isn’t that wonderful, knowing the teaching ministry of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is growing and waxing stronger everyday….

Honestly, we don’t need to bother responding to all the nasty stuff on the internet, we just need to keep “wearing the coat of many colors”. Keep shining guys!!!


Coat of many colors

This morning, I woke up to the voice of our man of God from the message 2008 – our year of fulfillment and I quote “we have a lot of people who like us, they may criticize us but they secretly like us. I know that, I know it, I know it, including some of those folks who write a lot of junk about us; I feel sorry for them a lot of times because they don’t know what to do about what they like. You see, if somebody sees in your life, what he had always wanted for himself, he has one of two options; either to like you and approach you and ask you to teach him how, or to like you secretly and hate you for having what he wants.” [He laughs and the congregation cheers loudly] Alleluya! And you know I find myself in the place of Joseph in the bible whose father gave him a coat of many colors, God has so loved me and He gave me a coat of many colors so when I share with folks, I say come on let’s wear God’s coat of many colors, and that’s what many of you here and have been wearing right?[the congregation cheers loudly]

You will agree that Pastor Chris is simply amazing……honestly, above everything else that he is, he is a Christian. No wonder he is not bothered about all the “horrible things” published about him, honestly when I read some of these articles on the internet, I was flabbergasted to say the least. How can educated people or should I say, people who ‘claim to be educated’ write such things? And even more troubling is the fact that some of the writers are brethren.

One solitary man claims that he was offered money to sit in a wheelchair and then act healed by standing up to walk as soon as Pastor Chris was done praying for him; as a result, the group that posted this article on the net, choose to discredit the testimonies of multiplied thousands, myself inclusive, who have been healed through Pastor Chris’ ministry over the years – several of these testimonies take place in homes and offices as regular everyday people watch or listen to Pastor Chris and even as they read his books and magazines. I must not fail to mention the many who received their healings through other Pastors and members of Christ Embassy, yes, members….it is common place for members of Christ Embassy like us to lay hands on the sick and have them recover. Please post details of such exploits.

It’s basic logic: Pastor Chris has been in public ministry for over twenty[20] years with signs and wonders attending his ministry.

Besides this evidence, it was also established and plainly endorsed by God, who showed His approval of it by signs and wonders and various miraculous manifestations of His power and by imparting the gifts of the Holy Spirit to the believers according to His own will.

Heb2:4 [Amp]

Pastor Chris must be a very rich man because after paying so much, he is still loaded…and he must have also paid all their relatives and loved ones who are ever ready to testify to these miracles; not to talk of the medical reports from hospitals and diagnostic centers on every continent of the globe. Okay, this man was paid to get up from a wheelchair, what about those who are visibly emaciated, incapacitated and in so much pain, were they paid to fall sick, go blind, become paralyzed, grow goiters, cancers and tumors? These images are on TV all over the world, full names are boldly published, why didn’t these guys act like true journalists and investigate the claims?

Anyway, I would like to meet the production crew of these “staged miracles” because they deserve an award, they have consistently over the years directed and produced these “block buster” events with such accuracy – that in itself is a miracle. [laughs] Boy! I just love Pastor Chris! I mean, after listening to him…. we need not worry about these folks; God loves Pastor Chris, God loves us and we’ll just keep shining in our coat of many colors.


Cyber Reunion

As I watched the sunset over the brackish waters of the Lagos lagoon I marveled at the myriad colours of bright red, orange and yellow burgeoning into the waters. It was simply breath-taking and could only have been the handiwork of an art supremo – God Almighty.

It brings to mind that fateful day on campus many years back while doing my majors in one of Nigeria’s many universities. I met this group of congenial, lovely people and from then on, hobnobbed with them. The times we shared rank in the top drawer of my life’s experiences, I imbibed values that rescued me from the turmoil and pressure associated with higher education learning and it is a time of my life that I’d savor forever.

But this treatise isn’t all about me for we had a lot in common; shared the same passions, our common language was an indication of our unique culture for we were ‘God-lovers’. Before long people began to ask each and every one of us if we were related, though in truth we bore no physical resemblance. The fact is we had all been positively affected by one man; Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Months and years have since gone by but the transformation has remained in our hearts and in the lives of the many whose destinies were permanently altered as a result of our intermingling with the enthralling words of this enigma.

This blog is the fulfillment of a deep seated desire to not only continue these relationships, but extend an invitation to many others like us; it is a cyber reunion and a unique opportunity to merge our voices on crucial issues. It is our window to Shout!! for the world to hear.

So from the Gulf of Guinea to Karo-Namuda and from Lagos to Akwa-Ibom and over the seas we say a hearty welcome and…. let’s start blogging.

The Shouts Blog Team