Cyber Reunion

As I watched the sunset over the brackish waters of the Lagos lagoon I marveled at the myriad colours of bright red, orange and yellow burgeoning into the waters. It was simply breath-taking and could only have been the handiwork of an art supremo – God Almighty.

It brings to mind that fateful day on campus many years back while doing my majors in one of Nigeria’s many universities. I met this group of congenial, lovely people and from then on, hobnobbed with them. The times we shared rank in the top drawer of my life’s experiences, I imbibed values that rescued me from the turmoil and pressure associated with higher education learning and it is a time of my life that I’d savor forever.

But this treatise isn’t all about me for we had a lot in common; shared the same passions, our common language was an indication of our unique culture for we were ‘God-lovers’. Before long people began to ask each and every one of us if we were related, though in truth we bore no physical resemblance. The fact is we had all been positively affected by one man; Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Months and years have since gone by but the transformation has remained in our hearts and in the lives of the many whose destinies were permanently altered as a result of our intermingling with the enthralling words of this enigma.

This blog is the fulfillment of a deep seated desire to not only continue these relationships, but extend an invitation to many others like us; it is a cyber reunion and a unique opportunity to merge our voices on crucial issues. It is our window to Shout!! for the world to hear.

So from the Gulf of Guinea to Karo-Namuda and from Lagos to Akwa-Ibom and over the seas we say a hearty welcome and…. let’s start blogging.

The Shouts Blog Team


11 thoughts on “Cyber Reunion

  1. tayo says:

    waoh, BLW,Thank you gracious God,i was part of that family.
    I remember that day on the campus i had just gotten admission,when an old secondary school fellow of mine walk up to me,she was my senior in secondary school we use to quarrel,we were not even talking when she left school,
    oh my God opportunity to get back at her ‘i was going to be rude to her ,call her by her name not adding any senior anything was the thought that came to my mind,
    God, she didn’t give me the chance,she opened her mouth greeted me warmly and welcomed me to the school and the next thing telling me about Jesus,God it was awesome,the next thing told me about the fellowship BLW.
    Asked me where i was staying,told her still squatting,offered me accommodation to come and stay with her,the next day came to where i was squatting and helped me in packing my things to her place,waoh a mansion,i wonder in my mind why will someone offered to share such with another person with some inconveniences that could arise.
    It’s an uncles house with other cousins each staying in a self contain apartment,all attending BLW;cell leaders, PCD members…They were all wonderful people will never forget them had a wonderful time staying there.
    The next day went with them to this so called BLW
    Waoh it was a date with deity,could not resist the word,heard such word for the first time in my life,got born again again (though i know better now u can only be born again once).

    You know didnt have a chance 4 the so called campus life it was God! God !!God !!!all thru.
    Thank God i was part of that family and still part of the family.


    Believers LoveWorld is a place where we share Gods love
    Reaching out with peace and love
    Making Plain God plaaan for allll
    Believers LoveWorld
    Building a happier world with love…….etc

    That Song is very spiritual


  2. Q.O.T says:

    Going through the blog archive, i couldn’t help but smile at Tope’s choice of words when he says “we’re listening to Jesus in a Suit” and then, Bennie’s reference to something the world sees as a cliche “The Word Works!”. Now, that brings to mind what I’ve come to consider “The BLW Language” something I became familiar with as a student in college.. But before you start wondering, what I call the BLW Language is actually what Pastor Chris explains out as “The Word- God’s Word- on the lips of a Believer”… Back then, it was just my way of identifying this unique bunch of young folks on campus who just stood out from the crowd with their “Vocab”; They uttered such profound statements that made you wonder at the state of their minds but more catchy then was the fact that their lives actually measured up to their words- They sure did not live like regular students and that made them stick out like a sore thumb.. Needless to say, I am now every bit like those guys back there then and like I tell anyone who cares to listen, the experience aint something that can be fully described in words, You’ve gotta be a Part of this trend to fully grasp what it is that makes us Tick… And for the Records, C’est la vie- “This Is Life!”


  3. Dee says:

    “Pastor Chris is both controversial and mysterious. The press is barred from taking pictures at his healing services”… I stumbled on this at one of those junk sites where they obviously have nothing better to do than dabble into other people’s affairs; and I couldn’t help but ask myself how much more petty can people get…. For godsakes, can’t they take a cue from all those who have treaded the same path ahead of them? Aint it obvious that this Man they keep making so much noise about is way out of their league? Now, They’re complaining about their not being able to take pictures at “his healing services” and i’m wondering to myself what in God’s name they want with those pictures! They just remind you of children who in their small minds go all out to make issues out of nothing; throwing temper tantrums over the most ridiculous things but its rather amusing and disheartening that these ones are “Overgrown babies”! Someone should better tell them to do us all a favor and Grow Up- instead of sucking away whilst time heads way past them… For starters, they should start talking to people like us who can give them first hand information- if only they’ve got enough sense to manage reasonable conversation with the likes of us. We’ll let them into real-time details of how This Man’s Ministry has made us the World Shakers that we are today and since it looks to me like they are actually out for some drama, I could very well allow them a peak into the Making of the World Class masterpiece my Life is today- Thanks to having a rarity like Pastor Chris for a Coach… For want of time, I’ll take a chill pill now and return some other time to download a lil bit but meanwhile, I’m sure most bloggers on this site can feel me and I’m sure y’all have your own stories to tell.. So you go on, Out with It! Let’s set the records straight and give these guys a Run for their money!!


  4. tope says:

    wow! an idea whose time has come. Life used to be a myth, the future used to be blur and uncertain and most of us lived life everyday as it came not been able to determine the course it went and what to do when we fell into diverse tests, challenges and pains! oh what a life!!
    But thamk God for a man of the spirit Rev Chris Oyakhilome whose words are not of this world. He has given our lives a meaning and has shown us how to take charge of our life. He’s given us no oppurtunity to fail and daily makes deposits of the word into our spirits.
    Now we know what we have and how to use it. This man of the spirit is soaring everyday and many more nations are opening up to his ministry. It doesnt matter what those folks who call themselves journalists write, truth is they are too low for even security guards of the ministry to respond to. The love the man and they love us. they cant understand the kinda grace and joy we enjoy.
    we are on top always only because we listen to Jesus in a suit!


  5. bennie says:

    ‘The Word Works!’, It sounds like a cliché to non- members of Believer’s LoveWorld, but then in retrospect it indeed works wonders and I am a proof of this efficacious phrase
    It seems like yesterday when I thought and spoke as one without any hope in this life. Everyday I battled to find answers to many of life’s mind boggling questions, which tugged at the very roots of my soul. I had hoped that the university will provide me with an anchor to rest my hope on, alas this was not be. Honestly I feared the worst with each passing day as I waited in vain for what the future held for me
    My redemption however began when I found myself in one of the services of Believers LoveWorld on campus. I was thrilled by what I saw; the organization was remarkable for a campus fellowship. Noteworthy was when the pastor came forward to share the word of God, that day I heard words I had never ever heard before. ‘You are not the poor trying to get rich, but the rich locating his inheritance’, ‘I believe in your future’.. the pastor’s voiced resonated all around the hall but more importantly in my troubled heart. My life’s direction was altered and headed in the pathway of righteousness and success. Boy! Words cannot explain how I feel about my walk with God.
    I strongly believe that the believers LoveWorld family indeed have a lot to shout about and I am looking forward with joy to this wonderful reunion.


  6. yemmy says:

    Before I joined BLW, my life was devoid of joy. Bereft of peace I was constantly plagued with a certain illness that the medical profession couldn’t decide on a name for it, worse still it occurred seasonally during the harmattan. So whenever the year drew to a close , I looked on with great foreboding. Year in year out, my family expended huge sums of money on medication without any commensurate result. My health only worsened.
    But when I came in contact with Pastor Chris by just listening to his teaching; talking the word as Pastor Chris says, the things that afflicted me; sadness illness, conflict, strife etc left me without a trace. Mine is one out of several lives Pastor Chris has touched.
    I am indeed overjoyed at this opportunity to meet with members of BLW, the things we did in school I relive everyday because every time I am faced with a challenge I remember the popular catch phrase ‘ the word works ’
    Pastor Chris has touched so many lives; transforming and given people a victorious and purposeful way of living through his teaching and healing ministrations.
    He adumbrates the colour of God’s love when suddenly the hopeless in a moment of bliss sees the silver lining behind the tempest, and can like George spafford sing ‘because he lives I can face tomorrow ’. I look forward to hearing from the BLW family and contributing to discussions so folks let’s start blogging


  7. jennywhite says:

    Thanks guys, blogging is definitely the way to go! Becoming a member of Believers’ LoveWorld is something I will be forever grateful to God for. Before I joined BLW, I was always scared of the future, each time I thought of what life after school held for me I was petrified. Albeit my perception about life changed the day the day I joined BLW. Through Pastor Chris’ teaching, I came to the understanding that the future belongs to me and that I have a destiny in God. I am so glad to know that I can have a say in my future.


  8. metha says:

    Well, I wasn’t in BLW but Christ Embassy has been a wonderful experience…I got to know about Christ Embassy through LoveWorld Christian Network [LCN] when I first came to Nigeria. I am Indian and I have always been a Christian, my father was a clergyman in one of the mainstream Christian denominations where I was a missionary in North India for 2 years, but I kept looking for something extra. My first stop-over in Nigeria was Agbor in Delta state where watching Pastor Chris on LCN along with my husband encouraged us attend Christ Embassy. I fell in love with the gospel proclaimed by Pastor Chris and decided to be a part of the vision. Two months later I moved to Lagos and had the opportunity to fellowship with the BLW family in Christ Embassy Ikeja. One event which was to shape my life was a program with Pastor Chris ministered. As I stepped into the auditorium I felt the presence of God and my life was totally transformed. Now I can assuredly say that I have found that extra boost I needed. I look forward to blogging my way into several hearts with the gospel of our lord Jesus Christ


  9. bellissima says:

    It was sometime in the year 2004, I was a young pretty teenager; excited and aflame with godly zeal. I stood on a busy walkway as a statue, painted with black and white poster colour. Twenty four hours earlier, I had been informed by my pastor that I would be posing as a real life poster-girl. So for an hour I stood immobile publicizing ‘More Than Music’, a blockbuster BLW program. As people sauntered by, they cast sidelong glances at me. While some fellows stood right in front of me and tried to make me budge, my classmates gaped awestruck. Not done, a couple of people who couldn’t understand why I would go to such lengths spoke offensively in my direction yet I could not be moved… I was on fire and I knew that as many came to watch me, they too would sooner than later be ablaze. Pastor Chris had ignited a fire in me and I was not about to allow anything extinguish it; I would do anything [including being a statue] just so people would know about what I stood for and still stand for. Wow! this is a fantastic opportunity to tell of our exploits in BLW. So LET’S GET BLOGGING!!!!!!


  10. casion says:

    Life is mysterious, whatever it had to offer you, you’ll have to accept, good or bad. Worse still was God the Almighty worked in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform, so we have no say in His affairs. For a long while I was locked in this quandary wondering why life is so unfair?” so like the fortune teller who spun the coin to tell fortunes, I waited heads or tail for what life had in store for me. But five years ago I realized it was possible to have an all heads consistently. it all began with this rather peculiar lady I met in school, as she talked I wondered what gave her so much confidence and boldness to say what she was saying amongst other young people. After a while I tinkered with the idea of doing the same. Then she introduced me to this group of dynamic young people, who were as bold as lions and were ready to take on their world….the BLW family. I joined and watched the change in me unfold; I was one who had been birthed with a new mind-set, having an “epignosis of my identity as a believer. Joining this peculiar group of people made my stay on campus worthwhile. Even now- after school, I’ve only moved upward and forward only
    Being in Christ Embassy has truly given my life a meaning and I know there are millions out there who have a similar story to tell. I cant but thank God for a man like Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, meeting him has indeed been the best thing that ever happened to me and I am so elated about this blog and can’t wait to hear from other members of this great family.


  11. TUTU says:

    When a man remembers his youth there is that first impulse to turn the hands of the proverbial clock back one cycle. Gone are the days in school where Christianity was fought like a war between the Trojans and the Spartans. My Father once told me the FAKE product is relatively unknown until the ORIGINAL is discovered.
    I am delighted at this opportunity to speak out with the BLW family. Being a member of BLW in school cleared so many doubts and inaccuracies in my spiritual walk with God. I belonged to a school of thought which preached that it was easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich Christian to make heaven. So in my religious piety I thought I had it all figured out.
    However joining BLW in school made me grow in thought progressively as a new way of life. I actually functioned remarkably well with the ministry all through my years in school. I can remember vividly those days in school when we worked tirelessly late into the night, ensuring that the following day’s service was a success.
    I am filled with nostalgic memories of the BLW spiritual rendezvous during my final Year so much so that staying back to continue the work was almost a option. I remembered one of our programs in school tagged X.O.C. – Xmas on Campus, Pastor Freedom told us to make a change from the norm, so we responded in like manner by embarking on a publicity stunt with two limousines. Ekponski was flabbergasted they had never seen anything like that. So guys I’m rearing to go BLOGGING


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