indelible memories

Sometimes, I wonder why the fight against miracles, especially by church leaders who are questioning the authenticity of miracles in the body of Christ. I keep asking myself questions: do they read the bible? Are miracles not part of Christianity? Why did Jesus come to die and give us salvation? I have found an answer in the man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, who stands out to give the world the message of salvation as Jesus commanded.

No matter what anybody says about Pastor Chris, the Pastor of Christ Embassy, I believe in him, he is a man of God for this generation. He has impacted the life of millions all around the world, especially the youths. Destinies of nations, families and individuals are altered as a result of his powerful teachings and miracle programs on TV, which I happen to be a living witness.

Some time ago I borrowed a video of Pastor Chris from a friend and I took it home to watch with my family. My mother had been suffering from stomach ulcer for several years and as we watched the miracles, her faith was stirred. At a point, she could no longer restrain herself, she ran to the television set and grabbed a hold of it and immediately, she fell under the power. That was how she received her healing – to this day, she lives freely without the aid or support of any drugs.

How do you explain this? It’s a miracle, and this is what Christianity is all about; anything short of this makes Christianity another dead religion. But there will always be skeptics who will not believe no matter what they see or hear, just as we have in the days of Jesus. So, Pastor Chris, keep doing the good works, no matter what anybody says, I believe in you, my family in believes you. The rich, the poor, the sick, and the down-trodden needs you… this generation needs you.

Once again I believe in you because I see Christ in you.



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