Folks, it is indeed “heartwhelming” to note that after the huge success recorded at the night of bliss South Africa program in Johannesburg three months ago, Pastor Chris has proven once again that he isn’t only influential in Africa but has also become a “principality” in the United Kingdom and Europe going by the reports of the hugely successful crusade at the Excel Center in London only last month.

Twenty-thousand people had breathed, tasted and drank of the miraculous and sheer heavenly bliss as they attended last month’s event-many of them seeing Pastor Chris live in the flesh for the first time, they were simply thrilled. Many received their healing and several thousand gave their hearts to Christ that night, many more were inspired for greater things.

Amazingly, I sat watching the proceedings of the gargantuan event real time on-line at a viewing center, I marveled at the graciousness of God when several people around my sitting area came out to testify of miracles they had received while watching and worshipping in the large viewing facility.

This, folks is the next dimension of kingdom evangelism, where several millions can congregate at the different places at same time and be linked via the internet in one faith and Spirit and be blessed. All of this thanks to Pastor Chris. I can gladly say I am more than convinced that Pastor Chris is fulfilling his calling and I am supremely glad to be a part of Christ Embassy.

Only last week Sunday, a program titled WORD AT WORK drew several millions of Nigerians to another virtual worship service, as brethren from Christ Embassy Churches across the country hooked up to live to a service at the LoveWorld Conference Centre, Ikeja, I was part of that privileged crowd. Isn’t that wonderful, knowing the teaching ministry of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is growing and waxing stronger everyday….

Honestly, we don’t need to bother responding to all the nasty stuff on the internet, we just need to keep “wearing the coat of many colors”. Keep shining guys!!!



4 thoughts on “THE NEXT DIMENSION

  1. Saint Andrew of Lagos (SAOL) says:

    Pastor has said he’ll soon have online meetings with us at the cell level. It’s exciting to think of what’s already happening and what will happen in the future. I think ours is one of the most technologically-networked ministries in the world and, dipong2000, I think you’re right. Saint Andrew of Lagos (SAOL)


  2. Q.O.T says:

    You know Jennywhite, this new dimension of Kingdom evangelism like you have so accurately described it gives us so much to look forward to. Besides, it feels just like yesterday when Pastor Chris prophesied what’s happening now.. I remember being at that meeting sometime in the just recent past where Pastor spoke about us having services and meetings (asides the annual Dec 31st night service) that’ll be broadcast to select viewing centers all at once and now it’s happening, I’m like “Wow! So soon?” talk about “TrailBlazing”… Beyond all else, the networking of the manifestations of the Spirit during these programs is absolutely mind blowing and I’m looking forward to seeing how our ever-ready critics would explain this out this time- I hope they’re watching! I sure am glad to be a part of this dynamic move of the Spirit and I’m really honored to be a Partner with Pastor Chris in making this happen- We definitely are set to Network the World with This Gospel!


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