Christ Embassy – giving your life a meaning!!

I am so glad that I am a part of Christ Embassy, Pastor Chris rightly says….”Christ Embassy is more than a Church, it’s a vision, God’s vision”. Through intermingling with the message of this great man of God, we have become an integral part of a great vision.

I heard something this morning whilst listening to the message titled Three Important Laws“No member of this Church has a right to be poor, [he pauses to let it soak then continues] God has given us a ministry to help the poor, and they are not here”. Mind blowing isn’t it? This is just one example of the words that have built the vision into our hearts.

No matter how long or how little the time you have spent exposed to the ministry of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, there is one sure testimony we all have…”my life has been given a meaning”. It’s not a struggle; it is something that happens to you by the Spirit of God; it is a metamorphosis – an irreversible process of change, it takes place deep down in our hearts and it is manifest in our everyday lives.

The bible says God has placed eternity in the heart of man, there is no place where this truth is demonstrated more than in Christ Embassy; I’m sure you will concur when I say that one thing every disciple of this unique message has in common is that we are BIG, we are LOADED. The world has become small enough to fit into our imagination and we are persuaded beyond all reasonable doubt that anything is possible, how can you think like this and be poor?

Listening to Pastor Chris has made us champions, it has given us a “world-view” of life, we have become citizens of the world; it’s no surprise though because we have become partners with a man that has a mandate to reach the world. Together, we are building a happier world with love by giving individual lives a meaning.

STOP and THINK for a few minutes, where would you be today if you never met Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, if you never came across this glorious gospel according to Believers’ LoveWorld? I can only imagine what your answer is……oh, I’m so grateful!!! Click on the link below and share your testimony and …..let’s keep blogging.



30 thoughts on “Christ Embassy – giving your life a meaning!!

  1. Arinda Joram says:

    my name is Joram Arinda.
    im a ugandan and i have found a home…thats christ embassy.i have lots of testimonies and now im leaving my dreams…im an established gospel musician
    i thank u man of God pastor Chris…God bless u mightely


  2. Grace says:

    hi all,

    I love christ embassy as it’s a visionary church. I just came to Centurion, south africa but I only know the randburg christ embassy church. Does anyone know where exactly the Pretoria or Centurion or Midrand branches are please? I believe it’s my growth & service place in south africa amen!



    Iam a student of the man of God. Dont just hear about it, give it a try, it will blow open your world. I love you pastor chris. Will spend my honeymoon in nigeria in your church. AMBROSE UGANDA


  4. Bongani says:

    Christ Embassy rocks. The word of God in this ministry is highly acted upon, and demonstrated. It produces results, it makes one realise the meaning of life. I thank God 4 sending me and others this ministry in this generation. I would like to thank my pastors, Pastor Chris, Pastor Taiwo, and all the Christ Embassy pastors who taught me the in depth of the word of God.


  5. Pastor Chris, is a man of God who in all ways is obedient to God. A man that has God’s aspiration for mankind, his word is so powerful that when it come to you “PERSONALLY”, you will be renewed of God’s kingdom. I so much love his wonderful miracles that is only possible with God present with him. Thank you Pastor Chris for changing my life.


  6. Pastor Chris is an apostle of this generation.No matter what, he has raised a generation of men and women who are today impacting their world with the investment of their personalities.Pastor Chris is a man of success and his success is seen in all of us.You can’t listen to him too long and not discover ur real self and true identity in Christ.


  7. Eluwa Moses says:

    Well! well!! well!!!

    If there anything that attracted me to Christ Embassy, it was the word of God.
    I have never heard the word of God the way it was being preached in Christ Embassy.
    I joined Christ Embassy in 2000 and now am a PCF Leader of Excel PCF.
    All I can say is that I am blessed being a member of this ministry and my prayer is that we all would yield ourselves more to allow God’s word take full charge of our lives.
    For my Father and Coach…thank you so much Pastor for being available and answering the call…since I joined the ministry, I have never known sickness…I don’t know what drugs taste like…lol.
    Its a glorious experience and I urge anyone who is reading…the word of God can change your life forever if only you will yeild to it.
    Pastor, I love you.


  8. I love pastor Chris Oyakhilome for he has made me to dance in the tune of God’S word.He has inspired me to live a Quality life God’s word.For that reason i have chosen to live a successful life and to change pp’le’s lives permanently.


  9. winconsin mark okotie says:

    dear sir\ma
    I am mark and I believe in God, one thing that I want say is that your ministry angel which is Rhapsody Realities has done many things for me and I love your message, it is my morning tea and bread
    Mark from Nigeria


  10. brian says:

    Pastor Chris you were sent to the world for such atime as this. The rapture has to take place soon but in order for that to happen we must dorminate this world till its no longer worthy for us; till its too small a place for us. To achieve this as the bible says “ABUNDANCE OF GRACE AND OF THE GIFT OF RIGHTEOUSNESS” are key-and that, to me is essentially the basis of Pastor Chris’ teachings inspired by the Holy Ghost! Eternal Life or Zoe is KNOWING GOD AND WHO HE SENT-OUR LORD JESUS,our true identity and that’s the heart of Pastor Chris’ teaching. Continue to Grow in knowledge and Grace Pastor Chris and all God’s Bonafide Children out there. God Bless ye all


  11. my name: owojori jeremiah
    Zone: Christ Embassy LCC 2 healing school Ize Iyamu road off billings way Oregun.
    Pastor: Pastor Peter Aisida
    PCF:Regal one pcf A.K.A Royalties.
    PCF Leader: Bro Owojori Jeremiah
    comments: We are the Regal One PCF royalties from Christ Embassy LCC 2 we want to say thank you Pastor Chris Oyakhilome for being there for us always and giving us Pastor Peter Aisida who has given our life a meaning, Pastor Peter Aisida of Christ Embassy LCC 2 is a father,shepherd,mentor and a teacher to all of us. We are happy because he is happy in faith concerning his sheep. Thank you Bro Godwin Charles, Bro Obi and Pastor Niyi in Chelmsford………thanks


  12. Jestina Museba says:

    I am a C E member in the UK, and have a brother in Kampala, Uganda who is looking for Christ Embassy church. Please can you post the adress and contacts on my e-mail. God bless you.


    • rachael komushana says:

      CEC ugaanda is on jinja road in banda in the nobrook building it opened that new venue 9th may 2010 it was a blast he is most welcome to one big family


    • Nambale Denis says:

      In Banda, on Norbrook building-Headquarter church.
      Gaba Church, next to shell Bunga.
      call King Isaac church management on cellphone +256-700-977 449.
      you are blessed.


  13. i was greatly blessed to have come across Christ Embassy and that happened at a time when i was diagnosed with a dreaded disease but after being there i received my healing and now am living proof that miracles do happen and God loves us all and is always willing to give us second chances.


  14. tina says:

    thank you pastor chris for the true word of god that you deliver everyday, my life has changed and it is moving upwards and forwards. there is no turning back.


  15. Youngking says:

    God is the same yesterday today n 4 eva
    thank God 4 Jesus
    thank God 4 the Holy Spirit
    The Holy Spirit no doubt is the REVEALER of all things
    He reveals to man his inheritance, when he believes in JESUS.
    Pastor, through the Holy spirit has assured me that i am THE CHOSEN OF GOD.
    Chosen and ordained to function as God’s outstrethed arm (The character of the Spirit).
    That’s the Vision.


  16. samuel zion says:

    wow, am a bundle of success, thanks to the teaching and healing ministry of pastor chris, as a pcf leader in believers loveworld, uniport, i know what it means to STICK TO THE WORD AND COME BACK WITH A TESTIMONY


  17. bernard caesar says:

    indeed christ embassy is more than a church.pastor chris has taught me to think rightly and successfully.i am now a first class student in my shcool ever though l am first year student.thank pastor.


  18. Bro. Bryan says:

    Listening to you pastor has turned me into a champion. I’m a wonder to many in my sphere of contact. On my campus, students in their numbers look to me for concel and encouragement. Truly being in Believers’ loveworld is living in another world. Thank you pastor sir and may God continue to increase you in all that you do. Love Bryan from CEC Uganda.


  19. Edeltraud S Sibanda says:

    l just want to thank God for the work that he is doing through His people who are commited,deligent and loving at Christ Embassy Ministries.Thank you Pastor Chris for your ministry,God is doing a lot of things even to people you can not physcically reach out to(l for one).

    l was so blessed when l attended the Discipleship Trainning Course over Easter when Rev. Tom shared with us on the topic ‘What is my Purpose”.what revelation l received.To God be the Glory.And to Pastor Ose the mighty woman of God you are my role model.Thank you for you have been a blessing to me.




  20. daniel dodoo says:

    pastor may the good lordrichly bless you for the good work you are doing , l have been watching your programm on a DVD which is helping to grow in christ.pastor please lwill need your help by remmebering me in prayer i no christ live’s in me but with your praye’s i on i can make it in jesus name the bible tell’s in jeremiah 1;19 jeremiah 1;6,10 i know i will make it in jesus name. Amen.


  21. OGHOGHO KELLY says:



  22. Lydia says:

    Pastor thank u so much for the word of the year u gave us for 2009. I know this is a great year for i look forward to it. I know this year i have no choice but to increase on every side especially in my responsibilities as a leader of men that Jesus died for.I choose to compete with my past.Pastor thank u so much for being sensitive to the leading of the Holy Ghost my life and footsteps are directed rightly. I love u so much Pastor i pray that the grace of God abounds in your life your indeed a blessing to our generation . Lydia from Uganda.


  23. jennifer says:

    I am very humbled to say most times that i am a part of Christ Embassy. I gives me so much pride that unbelievers and some other christains do not understand. For the first time in my life i can boldly tell somebody why i am here on this planet. I thank God pastor Chris chose to answer God’s calling instead of going to work for the richest oil firm like most of us do.

    Please i need the lyrics of Believers loveworld anthem. I heard and it blessed me but i do not know the words. Please do send it to my email box. God bless you as you do so


    • uspeakoutnow says:

      Jennifer, because of the many requests we have received, I will publish the lyrics on the blog once we sort out copyright issues, but being the Nos1 fan Zone of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, we shouldn’t have any problems with that… do watch out!!


  24. LYDIA says:

    The day i came across this Ministry my life took a greater and better turn. I often wonder where else i can ever be if it is not in this ministry where my Man Of God has given me the opportunity to affect lives in their greater numbers through the different mediums.Thank u so much Pasto my life was given a meaning and i therefore choose to follow u as u follow Christ.God bless u with plenty of years and strength we really need u around for as long as Christ tarrys. I love u from Uganda.


  25. tina chibuzor says:

    knowin pastor ve added value 2 my life.i can do all tins.heal the sick,fill people wit d holyspirit,preach d gospel and lots more.pst ve really brought out d best in me thru his teachings.thank u pastor,


  26. sis Nomxolisi Sindane says:

    wow wow wow!!!!!Dats wat i can say.

    To the man of God Pastor Chris indeed God is at work in him.
    Thank you Pastor Sir for the love shared among the churchers of Christ Embassy all over the nation.
    thank for all the powerfull man of GOD.

    And mostly to my Pastor Taiwo(pretoria central) I Love Pastor an dthank you. PASTOR CHRIS I LOVE YOU AND THANK YOU. IN THE YEAR OF FULFILLMENT


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