22.09.08 – A Prayer for You!

I speak in the name of Jesus, that the power of the Spirit of God will move you from where you today to the next and higher level of success; I decree in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the circumstances, men, materials, finances, will fall into place to cause you to move to the next and higher level of success. The grace of God is working in you, in the name of the Lord Jesus; doors are opening for you now, opportunities are opening for you now, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I speak by the power of God, your name is coming up for opportunities now, your file is coming up in the name of Jesus. They have to remember you in the right place now, in that place of opportunity they remember you now, in the name of Jesus.


The Overcoming Life

God has given us a quality of life that’s different from what the rest of the world has. When you became a child of God by virtue of the new birth, you received eternal life; the overcoming life. Now you can live a life of victory all the way, praise the Lord!

CONFESSION – say these words out loud!!

Thanks be unto God, who gives me the victory always and makes me more than a conqueror through the Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, I declare boldly that I am all that God says I am and I have all that He says I have. I walk in divine health, prosperity, favor, dominion, honor and glory. Everything works out for my good because I have the overcoming life, and as a result I carry His divine presence within me everywhere to affect my world. I am walking in victory today, I am a success every inch of the way; my victory is as sure as the kingdom is sure Hallelujah!

Never be discouraged!!

There are times your faith is challenged and really, these times are the best part of life. What you need to do at such times is study your bible along with Christian books that share the word of faith. Listen to taped messages and bombard your mind with the word of God until you hit a note of victory in your spirit.


I can never be discouraged neither can I be dishearten because my confidence because my confidence is in God’s word, which causes me to triumph in all life’s situations, therefore, I declare that I am always on top of every situation around me. I can never be depressed; I can never get to the low level of life. I know who I am. It doesn’t matter what I see, it doesn’t matter who or what I face, it doesn’t matter how I feel, all that matters is what God’s word says. The strength of God dwells me as the Holy Ghost stairs up faith on the inside of me through the word of God. By this I am able to effect any change I desire in my life.

A Prayer for You!!

Have you ever wanted Pastor Chris to pray just for you? Well, the Shouts Blog team has the answer to that prayer. All you need do is log in daily and go to the “A Prayer for You” page and you will find words of prayer just for you! We dug into our collections and put them together specially…. say them out loud and end with a big amen – meaning so be it!!

God bless you!!

The Shouts Blog team

Christ Embassy..my life!!

Seven years ago, as a depressed teenager running from pillar to post, searching for something that was missing in my life; I walked into a Christ Embassy church in Ojo, somewhere in Lagos State. The atmosphere was strange; women heavily made up, clad in trousers and having their heads uncovered….. after a while I observed that though the people did appear strange, they seemed to exude joy…

The minutes turned into hours and the hours into days, days became months and now, it’s been years; I have no regrets, absolutely none. This has become home….here, I have found a shoulder to lean on and a hand to hold. Here, I have beheld God’s glory – what Pastor Chris calls divinity at work in humanity…here, I have found love.

How many skeptics can we respond to? How many questions can we answer? Yes, there are so many things about us that the natural man cannot comprehend but this does not give anyone the right to judge us; we are free to serve God in the way that we know. We say and do things that others cannot do but this is what makes us divine yet we are human.

Instead of listening to the wrong things and reacting in ways that do not befit a person of my status (because God has indeed made us kings and kings don’t say or do certain things), I have resolved to record my victories in a chronicle… my only desire for you is this; that every letter will leap out and beyond the written pages and make a meaning to you.

This is my life and now, it sure has been given a meaning.


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Love has lifting power!!

People everywhere are hungry for love, acceptance, and forgiveness, people of different ages and walks of life need genuine, caring relationships. However, some of God’s children have lost confidence in each other, for reasons related to past disappointments, but you must let go of your pride, prejudice and superstitions you have harbored for so long, replacing them with the love God. When you do, the love of God will flow from your heart to touch others and the Holy Spirit will manifest Himself in you tremendously affecting lives through you.


Father in the name of Jesus, I thank you for the love that you have bestowed upon me, I increase and abound in this love towards my fellow believers and towards all people, and as I do this, my heart is established unblameable and holy before you, now, and at the coming of our Lord Jesus. Therefore, I declare that the unconditional love of God has been shared abroad in my heart by the Holy Spirit. I am compelled by this love to reach and reach out and love the unloved and minister the life of God to them. That same love restrains me from speaking hurtful or hateful words; rather I speak words full of life that will strengthen and build up those that hear me. Amen

Rhema for TODAY!!!

We are a people of prophesy!!! Sounds familiar? I know it does, this is a foundational truth for us “Pastor Chris Fans”…….that is why in the montage for one of his TV programs he says, keep saying it, don’t stop talking it. With this in mind, we are adding a new daily feature to our blog, we will dig into our archives and post confessions and prayers from Rhapsody of Realities as well as Pastor Chris messages. Between us, we have attended meetings that date back well into the 1980’s so we’ve been at this for a while. This is the reason why we are not moved by critics, we have seen and heard so much that we have become fully persuaded that Pastor Chris is indeed a man of God…..so dig into the posts on the Rhema for TODAY page and keep saying it!!

The Shouts Blog Team