Authentic Christianity! the gospel according to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome


Pastor Chris Oyakhilome!! An enigma? Not to me, but to a few misguided and isolated group of people who talk without a definite knowledge of the man of God I am privileged to call my father. Like you always say….”to know you, is to love you” if they only knew you they would love like I do. My first opportunity to hear you was over 20 years ago – that’s a lifetime but through the years, one thing about you has remained consistent, your gospel. I can sum it up in words I saw on a card several years back “AUTHENTIC CHRISTIANITY…..the gospel according to BLW”.

I heard you sing a song during a meeting several years ago and it has become an anthem, it communicates your love for Jesus and your passion for souls:

I heard the story of Jesus
Sounded like music to my ears
Beautiful story of Jesus
Dispelled my doubts and all my fears
How marvelous is this love
Brought to me from above
Oh it’s not just a story but reality

Beautiful story of Jesus
This world is longing to know
Wonderful story of Jesus
I’ll take it wherever I go
Tell of His love for this world
To save every man, woman, boy and girl
Oh it’s not just a story
Oh that plain and simple story
Became real to me

TODAY, the story has become real to me, I feel that love in all that you do and say, thank you for showing me the face of our Father, thank you for shining the light that has become my guiding star. Today, I now share this “plain and simple story” and it’s all because of you.

Moi Ausii

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9 thoughts on “Authentic Christianity! the gospel according to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

  1. Saint Andrew of Lagos (SAOL) says:

    I have never met any living person that loves Pastor like I do (dear Tammy can you hear me?). I would be a total mess today if I had never met him. I’m glad to be born and alive in his days. Saint Andrew of Lagos (SAOL)


  2. Diana says:

    Pastor Chris,
    if I said my life is the same as before I knew U, I’d be telling lies.
    U have totally blessed my life and I know God is doing so many things for me through Your word.

    May The Lord Almighty keep blessing U.
    As Our Pastor, we the sheep tap blessings from U. So we need abit of that anointing too.

    I love You so much.


  3. tina says:

    to those who say pastor chris is not of God,I wonder why they havenot taken time and effort to show us those who are of God and have they asked themselves how the God they claim they are of is so silent and since when did the devil start doing good,because my life has never remained the same since I started listening to pastor advice to them is to take the time and pain to study the word not to look for faults but to be enlightened spiritually.thanks and God bless


  4. pastor niyi says:

    Pastor Chris made the gospel and the whole entity of christianity come ALIVE the first day l met him; ever since then every encounter has also been deeper and greater exposition into the truth about christianity. What used to be a religion to me has suddenly become life!!!.


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