Christ life!!

Seven years ago, as a depressed teenager running from pillar to post, searching for something that was missing in my life; I walked into a Christ Embassy church in Ojo, somewhere in Lagos State. The atmosphere was strange; women heavily made up, clad in trousers and having their heads uncovered….. after a while I observed that though the people did appear strange, they seemed to exude joy…

The minutes turned into hours and the hours into days, days became months and now, it’s been years; I have no regrets, absolutely none. This has become home….here, I have found a shoulder to lean on and a hand to hold. Here, I have beheld God’s glory – what Pastor Chris calls divinity at work in humanity…here, I have found love.

How many skeptics can we respond to? How many questions can we answer? Yes, there are so many things about us that the natural man cannot comprehend but this does not give anyone the right to judge us; we are free to serve God in the way that we know. We say and do things that others cannot do but this is what makes us divine yet we are human.

Instead of listening to the wrong things and reacting in ways that do not befit a person of my status (because God has indeed made us kings and kings don’t say or do certain things), I have resolved to record my victories in a chronicle… my only desire for you is this; that every letter will leap out and beyond the written pages and make a meaning to you.

This is my life and now, it sure has been given a meaning.


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One thought on “Christ life!!

  1. Saint Andrew of Lagos (SAOL) says:

    Bellissima, I congratulate you for finding your place in God as a teenager. Christ Embassy is just the place to be. Since I came into this ministry, I’ve never been able to imagine myself anywhere else. SAOL


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