Love has lifting power!!

People everywhere are hungry for love, acceptance, and forgiveness, people of different ages and walks of life need genuine, caring relationships. However, some of God’s children have lost confidence in each other, for reasons related to past disappointments, but you must let go of your pride, prejudice and superstitions you have harbored for so long, replacing them with the love God. When you do, the love of God will flow from your heart to touch others and the Holy Spirit will manifest Himself in you tremendously affecting lives through you.


Father in the name of Jesus, I thank you for the love that you have bestowed upon me, I increase and abound in this love towards my fellow believers and towards all people, and as I do this, my heart is established unblameable and holy before you, now, and at the coming of our Lord Jesus. Therefore, I declare that the unconditional love of God has been shared abroad in my heart by the Holy Spirit. I am compelled by this love to reach and reach out and love the unloved and minister the life of God to them. That same love restrains me from speaking hurtful or hateful words; rather I speak words full of life that will strengthen and build up those that hear me. Amen


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