The Overcoming Life

God has given us a quality of life that’s different from what the rest of the world has. When you became a child of God by virtue of the new birth, you received eternal life; the overcoming life. Now you can live a life of victory all the way, praise the Lord!

CONFESSION – say these words out loud!!

Thanks be unto God, who gives me the victory always and makes me more than a conqueror through the Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, I declare boldly that I am all that God says I am and I have all that He says I have. I walk in divine health, prosperity, favor, dominion, honor and glory. Everything works out for my good because I have the overcoming life, and as a result I carry His divine presence within me everywhere to affect my world. I am walking in victory today, I am a success every inch of the way; my victory is as sure as the kingdom is sure Hallelujah!


2 thoughts on “The Overcoming Life

  1. Hélder Manuel says:

    Good, hi! I am very happy to have found this space in which I can write what has taken years to happen; since 2003 conference I watched, my life is moving into righteousness side for pastor Chris in that conference shew me the right way to move on, for he said “Join this chariot and get wise” And I think that was the key for the heavenly light, I thank Pastor Chris when He said “Thanks God Jacob foundout God was in the temple some never findout” I am so very happy. Hélder Manuel from Maputo, Mozambique. I finally found him (Pastor Chris) out for God be thanked and Bless Pastor Chris and me.


    • uspeakoutnow says:

      Helder we are more excited that you found us, welcome to the Nos1 Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Fan Zone. Do browse our blog and leave your comments “everywhere” LOL.


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