The Shouts Blog – now on Facebook!!!

Great news!! You can now follow your favorite blog on Facebook ….I am on Facebook as Tammy Ashley so don’t be surprised if you get a buzz to add me as your friend. What’s more? The Shouts Blog has a group – 1 Million people who have been blessed by Pastor Chris. Just follow this link and sign on. It’s an open group and anybody can join; when you visit, remember to write on the wall, upload pics and vids, start or simply join a discussion on the Discussion Board.

Remember, the Shouts Blog was started because we got tired of reading a lot of rubbish on the internet and in the print media about the Man of God Pastor Chris; we are convinced that if those whose lives have been touched by the life and ministry of Pastor Chris would stand up and ‘Shout’, the next time you “google” up Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, you will read positive things about this great man of God.

I encourage you to invite your friends and let’s together make this the biggest thing to happen on Facebook.



3 thoughts on “The Shouts Blog – now on Facebook!!!

  1. wilhemina says:

    Pastor Chris is a wonderful man of GOD , i love you anf your family. My prayer for you is for GOD to continue doing grate things throgh you as you continue to surrender unto GOD to use you and your wife in the earth mightly in Jesus name, amen.


  2. we thank god for pastor chris may the lord bless him with his wife pastor anita ifeel blessed everytime iread your books or to see you on tv yes keep up the good work of the lord may the lord bless you times and times halleluhaaa praise his holly he is worthy to be praised amenniiii


  3. odunewu taiwo says:

    Its a blessing we have the man of God pastor chris in our present life has really change by his teaching ministry,God bless him,God bless those who will always stand for truth and truth only.


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