Pastor Chris Oyakhilome…a Phoney??

Is Pastor Chris Oyakhilome a phony?A lot had been said and written about him in the past and present; ‘he is a fake preacher’, ‘he is controversial’, ‘he is not a real man of God’… his main critics chorused this and much more. His incredibly ever expanding ministry however remains a parody of these cynical remarks. Reverend Chris Oyakhilome remains an enigma in Africa’s most fervid charismatic nation, Nigeria. Reports of healing and miracles at the Christ Embassy Healing School in Nigeria and South Africa and from his outreach crusades have been objects to be pored over and debated in forums like Nairaland. Allegations of manipulation and deceit have been the conclusion of most critics; accusing Pastor Chris of merely acting out a script. Why? To buoy up the number his followership, and increase sponsorship of programmes

So is he really what his critics say he is?

Through an anointed ministry spanning over 25 years, Pastor, teacher, healing minister, television host and best-selling author Rev. Chris Oyakhilome has helped millions experience a victorious and purposeful life in God’s Word, …presiding over an ever-widening network of Christ Embassy Churches and campus fellowships on all five continents, Rev. Chris also pastors one of the largest congregations in Africa. He holds massive teaching and healing crusades with crowds of over 3.5 million in a single night’s event.

Now that’s what the Christ Embassy Church website tells you…but there’s more. In 2004, in the city of Port Harcourt over 2.5 million people gathered in a single event to listen to him. Pull over, Johannesburg, South Africa where train stations were shut down and frantic announcements made asking people to turn back. That program was tagged ‘Night of Bliss’ and the gargantuan crowd mirrored his subsequent programs in London and Toronto respectively. But it isn’t just the crowd phenomenon that is synonymous with these crusades; ask the people who turn up, at times spending nights in sleeping bags in front shut venue doors, standing in careening lines tarrying for a seat; then you’d get a clearer picture:

‘I had never heard anything about Pastor Chris until about mid July 2007…no wonder one of my granddaughters at age 4, called you JESUS, when she saw your picture on the cover of the DVD “In Spirit and in Truth’ – Kate Nguini

‘The first time I saw him, I was like what kind of man is this? … I now live in his world… Pastor Chris is Woooooooow’ – Eboh Ijeoma Marthina

To others, he is a great teacher;

‘I am so blessed to finally really meet the man of God, spirit-filed and God’s chosen vessel indeed. I cannot express my joy in my spirit I have, that God finally answered my prayers and connected me with such beautiful teachings of God’s word’ –  Anna Sevdianishvili

‘I came in contact with Pastor Chris through his messages in 2007 and I immediately found him to be a wonderful teacher of the Word. He so knows the Word [both the letter/written (logos) and the spirit]. I was amazed by the number of scriptures he would quote [up by heart] while he preached – Essoua Frank  

Some also see him as a coach and mentor:

‘Knowing Pastor Chris has added value to my life. I can do all things, heal the sick, fill people with the Holy Spirit, preach the gospel and lots more.’ – Tina Chibuzor

‘I am a regular viewer of Pastor Chris… in the ministry of the Holy Spirit; he has made us Christians proud’ – Akinwande Tailor

And the miracle worker:

‘May the Lord continues reveals his miracles to pastor Chris. We love you the Oyakhilome family, we are blessed in Christ as this year is the seven fold increase’ – Khanyisile Sikhosana

 What more can be said? He is definitely not a phony……I think he is more than a man, more than your eyes can see. Maybe not exactly an enigma to those who are acquainted with the ministry but definitely kaleidoscopic when you realize, critics et al, that this one man has traversed so many areas of ministry that often it’s almost impossible to keep up with the latest development.



33 thoughts on “Pastor Chris Oyakhilome…a Phoney??

  1. Daniel Manala says:

    I fist know pastorchris from DVD something to shout about wow my soul was uplifted and followed Him have more of his teachings and books Pastor Chris is a spacial man of God thanks God for him I love him my he have more years millions of South Africans and the world has been transformed through the powerful teachings . My mentor .Teacher .Father a man who respect the calling of God .love you pastor


  2. Daniel Manala says:

    I received Christ in 2001 but one day I visited my brother in Johannesburg in 2004 and I a pastor Chris DVD of something to shout about and atmosphere of miracle wow .I was so happy and uplifted and I played something to shout about over and over my Spirit was uplifted just a look on the man of God you just transform I had opportunity to have most of his teachings and books and attend pastor Events like Coca cola dome ,Johannesburg stadium, FNB stadium .I am not the member of christ embassy but every end of month I go to Rand burg for night of prayer amazing pastor has mentored man of faith indeed my life has changed after I meet pastorchis I always know that if it looks hard on my life I just speak my way out in Jesus name I love you Father -Daniel Manala


  3. I have heard teachings, preaching, sermons my whole life. I have never heard a man preach, teach, mentor and DO GOD’s WORK IN ME (and others) like Pastor Chris. His words travel beyond the TV or PC screen straight to my heart. What sort of a man is this??? I am a completely CHANGED person because of Pastor Chris.Oh Glory to God!!! If I ever hear he’s in my area (USA), I WILL BE THERE to worship, praise and grow in Christ with him. Thank you Lord for sending us a man like Pastor Chris. He is a blessing and I’m soooooo blessed because of him. Oh Glory to God!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Therra says:

    I have heard teachings, preaching, sermons my whole life. I have never heard a man preach, teach, mentor and DO GOD’s WORK IN ME (and others) like Pastor Chris. His words travel beyond the TV or PC screen straight to my heart. What sort of a man is this??? I am a completely CHANGED person because of Pastor Chris.Oh Glory to God!!! If I ever hear he’s in my area (USA), I WILL BE THERE to worship, praise and grow in Christ with him. Thank you Lord for sending us a man like Pastor Chris. He is a blessing and I’m soooooo blessed because of him. Oh Glory to God!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Pastor Obed Khalidzwe says:

    Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is not a phony He is a genuine Holy Ghost filled man of God ,He is simply the best,wow i love this man and am so blessed to be a partaker of His grace,go on daddy keep on teaching us the word of God.


  6. Assimba Stephane(Cameroon) says:

    Pastor Chris is just awesome and extraordinary he is my role model and those criticising him with false issues should take care. For he is God`s chosen


  7. Santos says:

    I’ve travelled to countries around the world. There is NO Pastor like Pastor Chris. He is God sent. He is more than annointed. You just see Jesus in him.
    When I was in Johannesburg, South Africa in March 2008, I attended the programme “The Night of Bliss”.. I TELL U THE TRUTH. There was the glaring presence of Jesus Christ everywhere around the stadium. It even changed the atmospehere of Johannesburg that day. I’ve never seen such crowd in such a single night event in my life. It was wonderful…
    Nothing can stop Pastor Chris…his critics will REPENT soon.


  8. Boniface says:

    Let us not fight for God, God will fight for himself. If at all the pastor is what his critics call him, God more mightier than the cynics, He will fight His own Wars.


  9. God’s word to a man understanding it from his limited mind is a total waste of time. You have to move from the earthly understanding and be elevated to the spiritual realm where Wisdom listens and communicates only wisdom.

    Pastor Chris is a man of God. He certainly does not need my defense or of any other man for that matter. He is doing the work of God and bringing hope to many.

    We must forge ahead, keep up the race and when they talk, Jesus laughs at them because they do not understand what He can do for them and more so what He can do through them.

    Do not look at pastor Chris as if He is the one healing. It is only God who does and believe me He doesnt need people to stage act. He is all powerful and can do just like that.

    I perform miracles anytime I want and anyday. They are a part of a true Christian. Ask them that know me and they will tell you. I am going to move out soon and begin to perform them to everyone because I know God is alive and above all wants to His children happy and well.

    Miracles confirm the salvation of God to His children. When you ask what is it that is in it for me in beginning a relationship with God, well this is one of the tangible benefit that is not found anywhere else.


  10. oscar says:



  11. Odiai peter says:

    I started admiring this wonderful man of God since the year 2000. First it was his eloquence of speech, then the word. Because it came as simple and yet so practicable as ever. I saw in him a model. No wonder signs and miracles abound. You will always doubt miracles if you have not believed and opened up your mind to get one. I started following pastor much more closely this year and i can confess that one of the things i decided to do was to make the word work in my life. And that was goodbye to drugs. Cos i used to fall sick like every 2 weeks. If not for this word where would i be now? Thank you pastor for answering this call, generations unborn will call you blessed. They have been criticising pastor yet the annointing increases the more. You are Godsent and the Jesus i see.


  12. Mohamed Zubairu says:

    A good observation of the entire activities of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome reveals very glaringly why he is perceived to be fake by the modern day christian. Let me outline some of them.
    1. Some of his miracles are just too spectacular ro be genuine. How could God do these spectacular miracles when what has been the fad is something a lot more moderate.
    2. How can a man who was born and bred in Africa have the audacity to do the things he does? Take a look at his videos – they are just too good to have come from a genuine African. The products of most white and renowned ministers don’t even match his own in quality.
    3. He ministers these miracles in some unorthodox ways. He does not do it the way the elders who have gone before him do it. Why?
    4. He just seem to be on his own without having authenticated by the older ministers especially in Nigeria where there are plenty of them. He does not pay homage to any of them either so that the can authenticate him. All these are sins that should be treated more seriously than the famous sin against the Holy Ghost. It is on the basis of all of these that he is adjudged to be fake. One other issue is his famous visit to Prophet T.B.Joshua. If he were a genuine man of God, he should not have gone to Prophet T.B. Joshua in order that he be not contaminated.
    The average christian of today actually believes that when a miracle is too spectacular, then it must have originated from the devil. We say it in theory that all things are possible with God but practically believe that Satan does more spectacular things than God. What an aberration!

    The African generally believes that he is subservient to the other races. We have not room in our thinking to believe that God can cause an African to excel above others. It does not matter that God’s word says that God can take the weak things of the world to confound the wise.

    On the third issue we surely have forgotten that God can not be boxed by our experriences and confined to what we are used to. As God, He reserves the right to do things how He choses. If we study the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ Himself, you would see that he ministered in a number of unusual and unorthodox ways. If His servants allow the Holy Sirit to lead them, they would minister in some unusual ways because the bible says that we sould do greater works than Jesus did.

    On not having being authenticated by older ministers, we should not judge too quickly. Observing Pastor Chris Oyakhilome closely, you would observe that he must have learned from a distance from people like the late Arch Idahosa, Brother Kenneth Hagin, E. W. Kenyon etc. He even must have decided not to be limited by what he leanrnt from these saints but to allow the Holy Spirit to take him forther.

    Lastly, on the Prophet T.B. Joshua issue, if we assume that he is evil, then I accuse Christians of being scared of the devil. Why do we feel that if light makes contact with darkness that darkness would overcome? Practically speaking, light is more powerful than darkness. There is no way Prophet T.B. Joshua would have so quickly initiated Chris into what ever cult he belongs to. After all, Pastor Chris was already walking in the miraculous before he visited synagogue and the trend just continued afterwards. The bible says that the disciple is not greater than his master. How is it that Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is doing far more than than Prophet T.B. Joshua in terms of ministry impact if what is being insinuated is true?

    Let me conclude by saying what they say in Nigeria, “shine your eyes” o Christians.


  13. Pastor you bless me.My life will never be the same again for I now know Who I am!!You are the man of God send for our generation.May you continue to incease from strength to strength!!!!I love you Pastor.


  14. Odunewu Taiwo says:

    He never preaches religion,He preach the gospel of christ.Thank God For the good work he gave to pastor Chris to teach the word of christ.


  15. Our Master Jesus did inform us of the persecutions we would face in this world, just as He was under constant attack from the Pharisees. So the lies & persecutions the man of GOD, Ps Chris is under does not come as a surprise to us Christians.
    Continue Sir! We are here to do GOD’s Vision(BLW).
    We are continually growing!


  16. Pastor Tebogo Malatji says:

    Pastor Chris is a true man of God and a gift to our Generation. I came across his Ministry in December 2001 and joined the newly started work in South Africa in Feb 2002 under his Brother Rev Ken Oyakhilome. I have seen so many amazing miracles and the Word he teaches is so deeper. He is such great and a blessing to many of us. Let critics do their job, and Pastor Chris will keep moving forward and upward. They did criticize Jesus . so i am not suprised.
    I count myself blessed to be learning from him.


  17. kingsley ogbozor says:

    may God forgive those talking aginst your ministry to help people come out of darkness. we are with you receiving the word and bieng blessed.


  18. kingsley ogbozor says:

    i thank God for giving the world some body like you, at this world full of darkness. those who talking about you Pastor Chris, are increasing the anointing of God in you tremendously. some body like saint azuhu may God forgive for he is darkness. may Almighty God show him light Amen.


  19. chalusungu says:

    paster i know you are Gods servant and things like you are not real are temteptions to bring you down continue with Gods work. may he guide jesus name.


  20. Gertrude Ngwira says:

    Pastor Chris!!! He carries Jesus Himself without a shadow of doubt. This is a Man of God indeed sent to us at a time as this to come and bring light (THE EXPLAINED WORD) which has been hidden from us by the enemy for a very long time. Those who speak against him are just jealous. I would rather follow what he preaches so that I benefit as he has benefited from the WORD.

    God bless you MAN OF GOD!!!!


  21. Solomon says:

    Pastor Chris is the anointed Man of God sent for this generation who is also sent to equip us for the future to continue to seek God as he does and manifest Him in teaching the word and demonstration of healing miracles like God does through is ministry.


  22. i am very blessed to have a pastor and a teacher who is a vessel of God. i have learn a lot to pray postive. may the Lord our God dwell in him forever.


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