Pastor Chris Oyakhilome – God’s Prophet!!

Pastor 31st night 2This is the discovery of the century!!! Okay, okay…that’s exaggerating quite a bit but I am certain you will understand my excitement once you are done reading. I have the pleasure to introduce to you all the Pastor Chris Prophetic Blog!!

Introducing the blog, Pastor Chris says:

” In the bible, prophets spoke words about Jesus long before He came and when He came he stepped right into those words and lived them. Through the Holy Spirit I receive words for and about you every day that if you would believe and accept, they would become real in your life. These inspired words from God’s heart are based on revelations and visions. They never replace the written word of God – the bible – or the voice of the Spirit in your heart. Nevertheless, they give light and direction, re-echo, complement and even confirm the word of God and the voice of the Spirit in your heart.”

Don’t you just want to find out more? Well from the Pastor Chris Online Blog:

” Long before Jesus came, prophetic words were spoken about Him and when He came; He stepped right into those words and lived them.  Today, through the Holy Spirit, you also can receive words for you and about you from the man of God, Pastor Chris! Just one word of prophecy from God can set you on the right course in achieving God’s plan for your life if only you would believe. It’s an exceptional avenue to get an inspired word from God’s Spirit daily; get connected to the Pastor Chris Prophetic Blog right away and share the experience with your friends and loved ones too!”

I am so excited, we have enjoyed the healing ministry of this great man of God but this blog gets you up close and personal with  the prophetic ministry of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome!! Log on to Pastor Chris Prophetic Blog and you will appreciate why I am so excited!! And I know like me you will immediately share this with all those on your buddy list. Do click on the comment button below and share your thoughts!!

Yours “excitedly”



21 thoughts on “Pastor Chris Oyakhilome – God’s Prophet!!

  1. EDDIE MOYO says:

    wow,wow,wow this amazing,i have never heard the word of God being shared such simplicity like what the Man of God does.He reveals greater truths and deeper insights from the word of God and puts in way that even an uneducated dude will grasp or understand.Pastor Sir we so grateful,through your prophecies and teaching we have received directions in life and insights into reality.GLORY.


  2. from the day I chose Christ as my personnal saviour, your preachings have been a piece of bread to live on each and every day of my life. Its so hard when am at school, I miss your amazing messages.

    May the good lord bless you and your entire family



  3. Saint Andrew of Lagos (SAOL) says:

    It’s such a blessing that the world can now experience the prophetic ministry of Pastor Chris.There are different levels of prophets: some are prophets to towns, some to cities, some to nations (like Jeremiah in 1:5). Pastor Chris is a prophet to the whole world and through the Prophetic Blog everyone can experience his prophetic anointing. Saint Andrew of Lagos (SAOL)


  4. Vasi says:

    Hi Pastor Chris,

    I watch TBN all the time and your show is too short. The show needs to be longer time and I enjoy the way you have your teaching done it is very good and also the healing.

    I need to know if you can e-mail me your address where I can give you some information with regards to praying for me and also need to know if you coming to South Africa and would like you to visit my Church which is call the Places of Many Blessings.

    It would be an honour to see you visit Durban not Johannesburg this time around.

    God Bless you.

    Thank you Vasi


  5. thuba says:

    Pastor,Sir Chris is an agift from above and God bless his healing ministry,he has blessed me and my family through the healing school.i luv u pastor with all my heart.God bless u.


  6. Anthonia says:

    Rev. Chris is the Jesus of our time and the more people realise it the better for them. His my life coach and the Jesus that i see. He makes the presence of the father real to me and i know am blessed to have met him, i know am blessed to have been affected by his messages and most of all am blessed to be in this ministry.


  7. hi,
    i live in Zambia and i have been going through your programs they seem to be very interesting .my the good God be with you as you take the word to the people.i will be praying for you so that God can help us to change the would


  8. Steve says:

    With pastos Chris around, this generation is out for a good life in christ. we just have to hounour this our man of God and give praise to GOD.
    PASTOR is the prophet of our time,oh hail…….


  9. Leon Rich Manya says:

    Pastor Chris is the Prophet for our time. He brings out the spritual truths in the word of God to us in such an extraordinary way because He`s an extraordinary Strategist. The spirit of excellence in him brings out the word of God that`s in work in our lives.
    The word of God has worked for him, it will surely work for us!!
    I`m already enjoying the prophetic blog, THANK YOU DADDY!!!


  10. Chakava Lorrine Jendeka says:

    CHRIST EMBASSY! GIVING MY LIFE A MEANING. come to think of it, how would my life be without Gods word from Pastor Chris? No doubt he is a prophet. My life is moving from one glory to another from the time I fell in love with his preachings, teachings and prophesy


  11. Pastor Chris Online weekly Web Broadcast of Q&A have brought “light” to nagging questions in our daily Christian living by God’s Spirit. I give God all the praise. Knowledge is Power. The Word Works!


  12. Thanks Tammy for this insightful thoughts. Pastor Chris is my Pastor and my mentor, I sure know I will enjoy the prophetic blog.
    Thanks for bringing it to my notice.


  13. JudIth Nwanisobi says:

    Listening to pastor consistently, gives me direction in life, He deals extensively with every aspect of life…. i just know the right steps and decisions to take by the spirit….


  14. JudIth Nwanisobi says:

    Pastor was sent by God to us as such a time as this to answer the questions of the whole world concerning the life of divinity here on earth.


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