Thank You!! Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Today, I bring you a few of the comments “you” have posted on the blog expressing your appreciation to and for the man of God Pastor Chris……I get so blessed reading these comments and I thought to share some with you all. Something happens to you when you “give thanks” so I encourage you today to express appreciation profusely because like the one[1] leper who out of the ten[10] said “thank you” for his healing, you are blessed specially when you say “thank you”!!!.


Thank you Pastor Chris for allowing God to use you; because you are a blessing to all who watch or listen to your teaching that arouses one spirit man to rethink about their relationship with The Holy Spirit in their life. I watch your twice daily on the Christian Channel now Grace TV. I will be at the Higher Life Conference in Massasauga September 4 – 6, 13july 08 082


Thank you pastor for being my father and the man of God you are you are truly a blessing to this generation until Jesus comes


Thanks pastor for blessing me and my children; my son is four[4] years old but if he prays for me or for my friends, you can feel the anointing of God. He says to me “mum, look I preach like Pastor Chris. I pray that God will bless you more than a million times.


I love Pastor Chris, he is a man of God really. I thank and give glory to God for bringing me a person like Pastor Chris.


Hi, I live in Zambia and I have been going through your programs they seem to be very interesting; may the good God be with you as you take the word to the people. I will be praying for you so that God can help us to change the would


I personally call him the Grand Master who has made us masters over the affairs of life and it is getting greater and better; we only move in one direction, upward and forward. there is no option for failure.

Thank you very much Pastor Chris. I love you.


Pastor is my everything…He has taught me so much that I can’t thank God enough for him, I love you so much Pastor Chris Oyakhilome….too much!

Click on the link below and express yourself, God bless you!!



5 thoughts on “Thank You!! Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

  1. Albert Kweku Bening says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Pastor,this is a day the whole world celebrate you for allowing God to touch millions of lives.

    Through you i receive a miracle of back pain in the month of August Communion Service and i have growth spiritual base on the simplicity of your gospel.

    YOU gave me the purpose of living and meaning to my life.I say a bigger HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND I LOVE YOU.


  2. Saint Andrew of Lagos (SAOL) says:

    To everyone who feels at a loss for words when they want to thank God for Pastor Chris, you’re not alone! When I pray I can’t find enough words to thank God for such a gift, such a blessing, such grace. I find it very difficult to doubt God’s love for me; He loved me enough to position me in such a ministry under such a man of God! Not every Christian has this privilege, but it pleased the Lord to lavish such love on me. Pastor, thanks a million for answering the call! Saint Andrew of Lagos (SAOL)


  3. Cornelia Kakuva says:

    Pastor Chris is everything to me. (my Father, Hero, you name it). Pastor, I can’t thank you enough. I love you sooo.. much. In 2008 Night of Bliss in SA JHB, I was not near pastor at the JHB stadium, I could barely hear Him. We came late from Namibia so the stadium was fully packed. That day I made up my mind that were ever I will sit/stand, near pastor or far from pastor, I will receive my miracle. and I did it, I “lambano” it. In two months I fall pregnant after 8 years of my marriage. I am now blessed with an 8 month old lovely baby boy. This why I can’t thank my Pastor Chris enough. I Just Love you Pastor. Love, love you more and more.


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