Pastor Chris Oyakhilome – A Style Icon!!

Pastor ChrisDear Tammy,

Greetings to you in the matchless name of our Lord Jesus Christ; I became a fan of Pastor Chris through your blog and I have listened to him ever since. You know, apart from the inspiration and spiritual impartation I continually receive, I have noticed something extraordinary – this might sound “carnal” but, I’ll go ahead and say it anyway, I am captivated by his dress sense; he is a style icon.

In every sense of the word, Pastor Chris has definitely got style and much more. It’s a mélange of charisma and deity. More than his dress sense, it’s his presentation of divine truth, the poise and the calm that he exhibits, that makes him so much more stylish. There’s a lot of power in the way he carries himself and the message he preaches. His wavy hair adds to his personality, His strong, traditional suits, bold power ties, subtle pocket squares and weighty cuff links and his well maintained body makes him very smart.

His handsome look with his message of grace, his charisma, his message, and his humility, all add up to his cool style icon image. His charm and personality is built from inside on what he wears, and it is a part of the whole package, his entire image is directed on perfection and super excellence. Pastor Chris’ personal style is worthy of acknowledgment and emulation. He is definitely setting the right tone as a fashion icon.

And before you wonder if I’ve gone “off my rockers”, the scriptures suggest to me that our Lord Jesus was a style icon in the days of his earthly ministry. Remember that on the day of his crucifixion, Roman soldiers who I believe must have been well paid at their time because they were government officials divided Jesus clothes amongst themselves and cast lots for his coat. They must have been good quality – designer wears.

Do you agree with me Tammy?


Jaffi Fredrick

Jaffi, I couldn’t agree with you more, and I don’t think you are carnal – this is red hot and I am publishing it right away!!!

How do you know someone has got style? How are you able to access how stylish a person is? Is it all about a fashion sense? I think it is much more than that – it is something that exudes from a deeper sense of knowing who you are and what clothing would best complement your personality and body.

One thing is sure; Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has got style. I want your take on this, click on the button below and post your comments then take the poll to define Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s unique style.


PS: I welcome your contributions, if it’s “hot” – I’ll publish it!!


24 thoughts on “Pastor Chris Oyakhilome – A Style Icon!!

  1. Tiny says:

    Guys you said it all, a leader who has it all, going on with time even technology, ipod,twitter, he is really an icon. Keep it up Pastor.


  2. I totally agree with you. My mentor is more than a style icon. he is a model to the entire world, he sets thee right tone in fashion, teaches young people decency in fashion, this he does by the spirit. His style is beyond the flesh or that of an outward adorning but of the spirit of God. keep it up pastor. We appreciate you life and style


  3. jessica wealth says:

    pastor chris is my mentor, my father and he is a god in a suit. i love him so much, he has indeed touched and made me what iam today am greatful to God for him and so many things he has done for me and in my family. am so happy to be part of him. i love you so much sir.


  4. laurence says:

    me, i didnt see him yet but i hope n i knw my life would definetly change coz h carries a power presence of diviinity!! he’s my mentor my spirit bears witness


  5. who else dresses like our Father and Mentor???have you ever seen his hair flying someday??or his pockets out of his trousers??I advise all guys who want to know what it is like to look good they must just look at our Father, copy him and they will never go wrong. He looks like a model and he is just unbeatable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!sure he is a Fashion Icon


  6. Mariam says:

    The grace of God in Pastor’s life is evident for all to see. He is indeed the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus and his path is realy like a shining star, shining brighter nd brighter until the perfect day.He is truly a reflection of the glory of God.


  7. Alimikhena Charles says:

    Dear Tammy,Pastor Chris is my icon in everything just as his earthly father was my referee.May His Soul rest in continous peace.i agree with jaffi,we serve a big God who own this universe,so therefore if God says we should posses the earth,it means whatever we say,we pastor chris will always use the things ever made.his deserve the best ,for the gospel he has brought to us is as well the best!!!


  8. Gbonjubola says:

    Pastor exhibits the excellence of the Spirit always. Even if he were to wear bamboo leaves, the fashionistas of the world will still have to take a bow. As rightly stated, Pastor is an embodiment of Grace and Jesus Christ is revealed in and through him.


  9. Steve Sampa says:

    i agree too, pastor is my mentor even in the dressing, he surely gat style and i love to look like him, dress like him and talk the truth like him.
    He is handsome too like me,Halleluya


  10. emele ude says:

    what is style? i think its an attribute of a being dat finds expression in EVERYTHING he does. one remarkable thing about Pastor Chris is dat everything about him is extra perfect. if he downs just boxers n singlet, i tell u it will become fashionable cos its not just d wears but d excellent spirit in him.
    he’s ma model n pops. i cant but be like him.


  11. Amen to that !As a fashion student myself i very much agree that pastor Chris is very much a stylish man .I love his presence , it’s as if without words he is saying something , such an authority in his stand , mmmm i love it !I pray that one day i will have the honor of designing him a collection of suits .He beats any i know , and his hair style is reminiscent of the 80s yet he has morphed it into a fresh ,new ,present and eternal trend .Truly he is a fashion icon .


  12. Jeniffer Zvikwete says:

    Hi Tammy
    Wow you guys are loaded!! I totally agree with you all Pastor Chris is definitely a style icon. He has it all style, charisma, grace and God’s devine wisdom. I have heard people ask where he is from and when you tell them they refuse saying he is not African, and all it says is that the grace upon him makes him a wonder to the world. He is my Daddy and I love him, I am very happy to be a part of this generation, and above all to be a part of this Ministry.


  13. Our Dear Man of God,Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is undoubtedly a Style Icon!!!Beyond that he is an Holy Spirit filled highly creative and intelligent man of vision.Simply put in this Style context,he is Style and Class personified!!
    Styleborn Media Concepts identifies with you Sir.God bless you!


  14. I just couldn’t not comment on this…Pastor Chris leads the way in all aspect of his life and that….totally excellent..No one can pull it off like he does..Love him to bits


  15. I totally agree with you, Jaffi and Tammy.really i had the same experience when i first saw him.
    Good dressing is not only to the so called “models” in a fashion show.
    I started using pocket square to harmonize my dressing.He is definitely setting the right tone as a fashion icon.


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