Pastor Chris Online – Intriguing Options on Quick Vote This Week!

Quick Vote on Pastor Chris Online has been an interesting experience.  Each week, participants have been availed the opportunity to vote one question from given options. The winning question has been addressed by the man of God, Pastor Chris, during the weekly webcast!

On Quick Vote this week are intriguing topics for your selection. As always, the topic with the highest vote wins and gets to be addressed by the man of God, Pastor Chris, next week during the Q&A webcast. The options are:

1.      Honoring an abusive parent – How should a Christian face up to the responsibility of honoring an abusive parent as required by God in the fifth of the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:12)?

2.      Praying to Mary/ Saints Some Christians believe Mary and some saints are intercessors before God. It is believed that a Saint, who is glorified in Heaven, has more “direct access” to God. Therefore, if a saint delivers a prayer to God, it is more effective. How scriptural is this?

3.      Can two souls be spiritually connected? According to Bible scholars, the connection in the soul realm between two people is referred to as a soul tie. It links their souls together and  can bring forth either beneficial or negative results. How true or scriptural is this? Can the relationship between David and Jonathan in the Bible be referred to as a soul tie?

4.      Will Married couples remain married in Heaven?The Bible says that at the resurrection people will neither marry nor be given in marriage; they will be like the angels in heaven (Matthew 22:30). What then happens to Christian couples who were married on earth? Will they maintain their marital status in Heaven?

Quite interesting questions you would say; don’t miss being a part of it! Click here to make your selection now.  Don’t forget to invite your loved ones to make their choice too and, make your thoughts known right here on the pastorchrisonline blog on your choice option!

God bless you!

If you haven’t viewed this week’s Q&A video with Pastor Chris, click NOW…it’s a MASTERPIECE!!! You can also view past episodes of the broadcast!!

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One thought on “Pastor Chris Online – Intriguing Options on Quick Vote This Week!

  1. TONY KALU says:

    Pastor,Father,Mentor,Teacher,Reigning King and Song that every nations and peoples sing today.
    Your fame, good works,voice and aroma are all over the air everywhere in the world even in the nations where English is not spoken. Pastor because of you many wants to learn and speak english especially in my catchment field of work and beyond.

    Sir you are everywhere like the holy ghost, even in people’s dream at night to heal and comfort them, through the wisdom of GOD you are in several homes every morning having devotion with us and leading us to pray aright. W.O.W!!!
    Infact everything about you is magnetic Sir…
    What a god that I see! What a wonder I ever see! What an ever bright and shinning light that illuminates nations like no other! What a healing balm to the broken hearted and afflicted. Destitute children have found hope,light and future because of you..What a compassionate father!!
    Pastor words are not enough to express what I see in you.You are such a great man of God of our time.Heaven rejoices over you each and everyday. You’ve really made my life beautiful,without you trully i would have been wandering in ignorance.
    With you the ministry work becomes easier and sweeter.Everything about me is all about you.
    You’ve redirected my passion and excitement to soulwinning..I love you with every single breathe that I take..
    Sir your picture alone brings courage and comfort.

    I really want to wish you a HAPPY HAPPY AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIR…


    Christ Embassy


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