Follow Pastor Chris Oyakhilome LIVE on tweeter!!

pastorchris_newIt’s a month of new beginnings in this wonderful year of the greater light; how are you all – it’s been a very long time I know but I am sure glad to be back. By now of course you know Pastor Chris is live on twitter and he is tweeting.  And as the Nos I authentic Fan Club – the Shouts Blog wants to assure you that PastorChrisLive is the real deal ; Pastor Chris is tweeting LIVE!!!

Now just in case you don’t know what I am so excited about; let me tell you the good news: you can now pray with the man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome at exactly the same time he is praying and about the very same thing he is praying about. Can you beat that? And for those who might ask what is so special about this, I will explain – you will agree that the man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome sure gets results when he prays so, the same way the disciples thought it smart to follow Jesus’ example in prayers, we should be excited to learn to pray like Pastor Chris.

What Pastor Chris does is send us a tweet three[3] times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, he tells us when he will be praying and what he will be praying about and before and after we pray, he gives us words of prophesy and other inspired utterances that inspire, build up and direct. When you read the tweets and interact with Pastor’s prayer language you will realize that this is a man that has had deep intercourse with the word of God and with His Spirit. He also sends us tweets on other days especially when he is preparing for a healing service or other special programs.

We have had some tremendous times over the past few months and I want to encourage you to go online and go through the prayers – the thoughts are so personal and so inspiring; I feel like I am in the same room sometimes and I am actually kneeling by Pastor Chris and praying with him. Wow!! Isn’t that exciting? But even more exciting is the 1million drive – imagine 1million people across the globe praying live with you and with the man of God Pastor Chris.

I want you to sign up TODAY!! Log on to PastorChrisLive to follow Pastor Chris live on twitter and don’t forget to join the competition!!!



24 thoughts on “Follow Pastor Chris Oyakhilome LIVE on tweeter!!

  1. florence says:

    Dear Pastor chris, May the living God bless you and your family for the wonderful work you’ve been doing. I listening to your teachings and prayers, my heart was filled with joy and bless. I thank the Lord for leting me see His beautiful and wonderful light shinning through me and my family. me and my family we love you very much pastor chris, God bless you.


  2. Eboluum Augustine says:

    My pastor your massage has complately change my live, I now have porpuse and were and future. I love you pastor. Austine from CEC Iba 2 Lagos nigeria.



    It’s my privilege and honor to say a big thank you for making yourself available for GOD ALMIGHTY to use as an instrument of transformation to the nation and people of the world in general. May his grace continue to increase in you.


  4. Joe king says:

    Thank you so much pastor for teaching the word n 4 laying ur hands on my pastor during the ISM!!we are improved.God bless you sir.


  5. I thank GOD for you pastor Chris Oyakhilome the man of God.I remember when u said in the night of bliss in Johannesburg greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world and as I am a member in Christ Embassy ministry I know how to fight a good fight of faith I am not an ordinary person. Matthew 5, “I am the salt of the earth” with taste and the fulliness of GOD father is in me. As we opened the ministry in Diepsloot we also need to grow to win souls. I thank you again God for giving him power and strength for the teaching how to pray for something how to change the situation.And before you pray open your heart deeply and pray,receive and thank God. I like the song “The more I know you is the more I want to know, Jesus” Thank you Pastor will see you there at the Domme on Friday 22nd October 2010,I am blessed Pastor and God bless you! love you


  6. ugo benedict ifeanyi says:

    It is sweet to serve God with an open heart . it will help u to be ready to receive from His precense. I love u pastor .i pray for more anointing and empowerment in God,s vine yard.Thank u all.


  7. Bassey emem ekanem says:

    Hello god blessed people of nigeria thro pastor chris .0, I love so much pastor becos you told that you believe in my furture.thank you sir


  8. paul says:

    There is only one man of God and that man is pastor chris i love u you is understatement, you have given us the youth a great future, especially in nigeria and africa.

    You taught us we can be great without cutting corners pastor the greatest hero living is you i love you once again i have a wonderful testimony on academics thanks a million.

    by paul.


  9. mfon says:

    i was looking on the web for the hymn i heard someone sing many years ago, and was directed to this site.
    ‘i heard a story of Jesus”. I am so happy to have reached this site.


  10. sir i wan to use this great oppurtinity and previlage to say thank u sir for given ur self toalmigty father in heaven to be a blessing to us the members of christembassy l c c 2 thank u sir bro jerry johnson


  11. bro emma emeaba says:

    its been great coming in contact with the teachings of our man of pastor chris. he had really made me believe that my life is in my mouth as i have direct link to speak+my god to effect changes in life. i love you pastor


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