Yookos!!You-own-the-cosmos!!says Pastor Chris Oyakhilome!!

Happy New Year!! It’s our year as burning and shining lights!! Yes I know, I have not posted anything new in so long…..and I have so much to tell you!! But first stop YOOKOS!! Pastor Chris unveiled this brand new addition to the social network scene as he welcomed us into the new year 2011. Yookos is short for “You own the Cosmos”; now doesn’t that just sound like Pastor Chris??

Someone might say why do we another social network? Yookos is not another social network, it’s the social network of choice; it’s the only network with PastorChrisLive; it’s the only network with messages live from the man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Even if I already belonged to other networks, just the opportunity to connect directly with the man of God Pastor Chris is reason enough for me to sign up with Yookos….oh boy, I’m excited!! Just imagine a community of like-minded people, burning and shining for the Lord Jesus Christ – Yookos is it!! And the name Yookos….let me shout about that for a minute!! Hey!! The bible says we are the seed of Abraham and God willed the whole world to Abraham and to his seed – we own the world! So every time you sign in on Yookos, you are testifying to that truth, the world belongs to you!! You cannot be broke! You cannot be poor! You cannot be jobless….no one can resist the word of God in your mouth – as you preach the word of God, many will be turned to righteousness. Now tell me what other social network does this for you!!

To sign up on Yookos:

And you are ready for a life of burning and shining in this new year. One final thing before I sign off, Yookos might be the ‘new kid on the block’ but just like that mustard seed, it will become the biggest of trees – mark my words!! Mind you this is not an empty boast, it’s just typical of the man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. There is just something about Pastor Chris that causes anything and everything he touches to grow. he called it, the ‘mimshak’ anointing. What is that? That’s food for thought and info for another days post.

Do yook me up on Yookos, you’ll be glad you did…and if you are already on yookos, click on the comments button and share your thoughts and don’t forget to join the PastorChris Fan Zone!!!





52 thoughts on “Yookos!!You-own-the-cosmos!!says Pastor Chris Oyakhilome!!

  1. idara happiness anthony says:

    am bless!to be a part of this ministry,God bless and increase you four turning many to righteouness and increase in knowldge of the word of God.


  2. pastor chris you are exraordinary,you are too much your word is so strong and supper it changes my life never before.l was moving in darkness but now lm moving in light from glory to glory as a burning and shinning light.l have an empactation of word which is from you.l was ignorent before l got born again but now lm rich with wisdom.


  3. Brice Ogou says:

    Dear pastor and dady Chris, I’m a leader in Christ Embassy Côte d’ivoire you know the word you teaching us has changed my life and continue to do it. Today i change the life of the others. the testimony i want to share is i’have a colleague in my job who was a christian for a long time but he was asmathic and he can not live without his ventoline (medecine), every day and night he spread in his mouth with his ventoline When i talk about divine health he don’t belive. Until one day i read to him Rom 8 v 1 and the Holly spirit open his spiritual eyes and he say, wow i get it know i’m heal! i refuse to be condain i’m in Christ Jesus i’m a new cration… and the same day he has destroy his medecine ventoline! my brother in Christ is heal! Now he preach the gospel and talk about his testimony…. Halleluja thank you Jesus! and i love you dady & Pastor Chris.


  4. Thank you very much for the powerful prayers in your Ministry. I posted a prayer request concerning my daughter,s computer studies project. The prayer was answered within 12 hours. Glory be to God.


  5. Nyasha ngulele says:

    Father your nature is love, so my nature is love.
    Out of my inner being flows love to all mankind. I am, like You, a lover. Through me, this love stream flows unhindered. Thank u Pastor for making me know God as a Father. U have made the word of God so real to me…


  6. Titi says:

    God bless him richly for touching our lives across the globe, giving us all hope in God trough God’s word; he is a true genius.



    a thousand hats cant hold the lv i hav 4u dia PS CHRIS. Christembassy came 2 uganda 4me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. Rachel says:

    Wow this is exciting to pray with my dear man of God Pastor Chris knowing that i own the world together we shall take the gospel to the ends of the earth thanks a lot.Rachel Christ Embassy Uganda.


  9. Joseff says:

    The greatest tin drt makes me rejoice, is d ministry drt i belong {CHRIST EMBASSY}. I specially tank God for sendin Pst Chris oyahkilome to our generatn. It is wel obvious drt ds man sees ahead of other men of God. As u r readin ds, tel everyone in ur sphere of contact drt u hv found d man drt has d complete characteristics of Jesus. Bear in mind, Christ Embassy is jst on d way to capture 99% of people in d world by d grace of God. I lov u as u read. Pst Chris n Pst Anita lov u all. I also cherish Rev Tom n Pst Joy. Tanx for d word of God u giv me that propels me to in all i partake.


  10. Pastor I am very blessed to know a man fully yielded to God as u’re.Your message has changed my life…I’m a different person since I joined Christ Embassy in 2007…I am so grateful to God to send us an anointed man of God like you in our time…


  11. momodu rejoice says:

    Thanks pastor for making know my right in Christ,every since my mindset has changed,i love you so much pastor, i want to follow pastor yookos[ how?]


  12. gadimang mokoto says:

    thank u pastor 4 teaching us the word of god. Every time when i’m looking your dvd/ listening 2 ur message i’m growing each & everyday


  13. IRENE MAKHENSE says:

    Greetings to you Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

    I thank God for you. You are a gift to me becouse your teachings has opened my spiritual life with God. i have now come to the knowledge of understanding the Holy Spirit, His power, and the Power of the name of Jesus I am a Blessing to my Family i have changed and i know the truth of being a Christian Thank you very much you have made my life so beautiful thank you.

    thank you


  14. tumbelike fiston says:

    Pastor,I love you so much because you too bless and you work to send to me the word of God,as bless my life completly.thank God bless you


  15. nombulelo says:

    Pastor l have been trying to log or register to follow you on Yookos please lm missing a lot may this traffic jam be cleared l cant wait any longer. l love you so much you have changed my life my thinking and my way of doing things. God bless you and keep you for me.


  16. Sophia Mshana says:

    Growing Spiritually is a wonderful thing ! I was in the Tuesday prayer meeting and The voice said to me “keep coming you will be changed” Thank you Pastor Chris. I will follow you as you follow Christ.
    Sophia -Tanzania.


  17. frexz john says:

    There are three kinds of people on earth. Those who make things happen, another group witness it and are thankful to God they did. But I belong to the last group who make things happen for others. Every day I thank God for giving me Pst. Chris. he has shown me the way forward and I am relevant in God’s kingdom.


  18. uspeakoutnow says:

    Log on to http://www.yookos.com
    Sign in if you have an account
    Sign up for your own account if you don’t
    Once in, click the follow PastorChrisWidget on the right hand-side of the dashboard
    And you are following PastorChrisLive
    I strongly recommend you take the Yookos Tour to familiarize yourself with all the great features in Yookos


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