2 phenomenal men of God….in white suits

ptadThis heartwarming piece is by Pastor Taiwo Dara a popular Media Personality , I found it on her KingsChat timeline. Enjoy!!

Miracle healing & Impartation Services [#mhis] with 2 phenomenal men of God….in white suits, that walk the surface of this earth leaving behind an amazing mosaic of supernatural miracles and healing and wholeness for the spirit, soul and body…..

This is God’s TIMELY visitation to the righteous at this time in the History of Christianity in our world.

This upcoming program is surely our set time to experience the fullness of God’s Presence….David gushes out, “For in thy Presence is fullness of Joy and thy right hand there are pleasures evermore….” 

He inspires us, “My heart indites a good matter…” Solomon encourages us, “For surely there is an end and thine expectation shall not be cut off…”  And so be it….  Our hearts are bursting with great expectations indeed…. 

Share with us your own expectations for this program by posting your comments, like and share this blog too! Let’s talk about #MHIS!

I love you dearly! Talk Soon!

We love you too Pastor Taiwo!!!


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