Pastor Chris Oyakhilome – a principality of our times

“Have You Heard Pastor Oyakhilome Preach In The Name Of Olokun? He[Pastor Chris” Is A Principality Of Our Times And Those Against Him Are Against God”

I did a double take when I saw this title in the Guardian Newspaper, it is the title of an interview with Ime James, Head of Media, BLW Inc. I must commend Chris Ikemba the writer of the article for his unbiased and sincere presentation of the facts and I must not forget to mention that Ime james is a veteran in the media industry and if I’m permitted to say, an excellent choice for the job. Honestly, its like a breath of fresh air…you know, reading something in a Nigerian newspaper about Pastor Chris that is actually factual, wow! I’m so excited!!


Chris:Where did Pastor Chris derive his power from?
Ime: Where Jesus derives his power
Chris: We are not talking about Jesus here; we are talking about Pastor Chris
Ime: Who is the object of Pastor Chris’ worship, is it Jesus?
Chris: I don’t know
Ime: You should know because in all his preachings he never mentioned any of the local deities such as ogun; sango, Ayelala; Olokun, or have you heard him say agbara, amadioha, etc? All you’ve heard him say is – Jesus. From where do you think he derives his power? Out of the abundance of the heart of a man, the mouth will speak. If you asked me where does he derive his power from? I will also ask you “whose name does he call?” If you answer that question and if your answer is Jesus then his power is derived from the Spirit of Christ.

Many more issues…..

  • Women on trousers and uncovered hair?
  • What was the problem he had with Pastor Chris Okotie?
  • Is it not possible for someone to hide under the umbrella of Christ and still deceive people?
  • Why is it that your men jerry-curl their hair?
  • On the issue of prosperity message, which some sect said has encouraged youths to go into crime?

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