Pastor Chris Oyakhilome laid hands on me @pastortt


Pastor T.T. Edun

#mhisexpectations is a hashtag several are presently using on KingsChatthe social media rave of the moment, to share their expectations for the forthcoming Miracle healing and Impartation Services with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome & Pastor Benny Hinn. the post below is culled from the KingsChat timeline and it is authored by @pastortt.

In 1992 at the final session of the BLW Camp Meeting 1992 at the Main Auditorium of University of Benin [theme – Making the gospel relevant in a postmodern society]  Pastor Chris laid hands on me.

The power released was so strong that I, literally, flew backwards across the stage to land about 30 feet away flat on my back. That was Easter Sunday, 1992. 23 years last year.

Fast forward to the Friday night session at BLW International Partners Conference in November 2015 [23 years later] and as we worshipped after Pastor Chris’ message, the Holy Spirit speaks to me saying “From this moment, you shall begin to walk in that unction that you received from Pastor Chris when he laid hands on you at that final session of Camp Meeting 1992, I have led you over the years to arrive at this point. Go with this grace”.  

To say that I was stunned is to use a word that inadequately describes how I felt. I had forgotten about that occasion. But at that minute, I remembered it in stunningly, clear and vivid technicolour video in my mind’s screen. God had reserved a blessing for me 23 years before I would use it.

Amazing! Glooooorrrrrryyyyyy! But it took me 23 years to function in a grace that Pastor Chris already had in 1992. So don’t be surprised at how I hold this Man of God in so much esteem. Don’t criticise me for venerating him because you’ve not enjoyed the graces that I’ve received from him. When you receive what I’ve received, your attitude towards him will be identical to mine.  


My #mhisexpectation is to receive more grace for my future – any meeting with Pastor Chris is a release of grace and other spiritual gifts. I shall receive.  

In a single verse, my #mhis2016 expectation is found in Romans 1:11   “For I long to see Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny Hinn, that they may impart unto me some spiritual gift, to the end I may be established”.  This will happen to you also. But you can enter the LoveWorld Convocation Arena [LCA] , only if you have registered.

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Pastor Tuoyo Edun popular known as Pastor TT has 16,004 followers on KingsChat, he is a popular Media Personality and a Senior Pastor of Christ Embassy Intl.



Pastor Chris has always told us that when a man encounters another man that he doesn’t understand, he tends to criticize such a person. Having read much of the filth on the internet I am more than convinced that much of what has been written has been done in bad faith.

So many people expect pastor to respond to every one of these diatribes, some even argue that his inability to respond is an indication that the critics may not be far from the truth. But why should he? I guess it’s because they want a man that they can read like a book, but then Pastor Chris wouldn’t be drawn to honoring a bunch of rabble-rousers with a rebuttal

Well, I feel so sorry for them! We don’t owe anyone any explanation; we are not bothered about what anyone says. There’s only one person to whom we answer and who’s every word directs our lives; this person is God! If He is pleased with us and loves us, then we have absolutely nothing to worry about.

You know, the strength of a man is determined by how much opposition he faces and how many enemies he has. The greater a man is, the greater his opposition. So many self-acclaimed Christians or should I say religious people, cannot comprehend how one man can be SO LOADED. To them, Christianity and prosperity don’t go together. Tell me, how can God who created such splendor exemplified in the heavens and the earth father kids who revel in the dregs of poverty? Naturally fathers leave long-lasting legacies for their children and their descendants. How much more God?

Pastor Chris has been so blessed of God and there is really nothing that anyone can do to change that.