Susan Boyle – the woman who dared to dream

Susan Boyle - the woman who dared to dream

I stumbled on the story of Susan Boyle and I followed it to the end of the third series of the show – Britain’s Got Talent!!! Wow!!! Personally, I think she should have won the show; apart from the fact that she has a great voice, her act and her story is better suited for a performance before her Royal Majesty, the Queen. Isn’t it amazing? In just a few weeks her life has been changed forever all because she dared to dream.

But this is not a Susan Boyle fan blog, all you need is google her name and you’ll find all the juicy tit-bits about her…..what caught my attention is the fact that as a result of her sudden rise to fame, she got so much media attention, both positive and negative. Yes, negative!!! I was comforted because it then means Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is not the only one getting negative press for doing good.

I mean, what did she do wrong except shake up the staus-quo and give hope to the millions who were thrilled by her performances? She proved that indeed anyone, regardless of your educational background, social connections and even your looks, can make a difference. What did Pastor Chris Oyakhilome do wrong except to live a life consumed with a passion to give lives a meaning? All this man of God wants to do is reach more people with the gospel of Jesus Chris, impact the world with the transforming power of this gospel, affect more lives with his message and turn them on for Jesus. What did he ever do to deserve such criticism?

I took a trip to Nairaland recently and I was shocked at some of the responses posted in that forum [I reserve my detailed comments on this to a later time]. Well, it’s been more than 2000 years and individuals and organizations alike are spending multiplied millions to cast aspersions on the person of Jesus Christ and to discredit His miracles. In Luke2:34, the Prophet said concerning Jesus Christ ever before he performed a single miracle….this child is for the fall and rising again of many in Israel; and for a sign which shall be spoken against.

I find solace in this, Pastor Chris is identified with this Jesus and he therefore is a sign that shall be spoken against. Pastor Chris will always say “Supernatural power brings supernatural persecution”, he is wearing a “Coat of many Colors” and like Joseph, his biggest critics are his brothers…..I look forward to reading your comments on this post.

Congratulations Susan Boyle, I pray that you will make the most of your dream.



Coat of many colors

This morning, I woke up to the voice of our man of God from the message 2008 – our year of fulfillment and I quote “we have a lot of people who like us, they may criticize us but they secretly like us. I know that, I know it, I know it, including some of those folks who write a lot of junk about us; I feel sorry for them a lot of times because they don’t know what to do about what they like. You see, if somebody sees in your life, what he had always wanted for himself, he has one of two options; either to like you and approach you and ask you to teach him how, or to like you secretly and hate you for having what he wants.” [He laughs and the congregation cheers loudly] Alleluya! And you know I find myself in the place of Joseph in the bible whose father gave him a coat of many colors, God has so loved me and He gave me a coat of many colors so when I share with folks, I say come on let’s wear God’s coat of many colors, and that’s what many of you here and have been wearing right?[the congregation cheers loudly]

You will agree that Pastor Chris is simply amazing……honestly, above everything else that he is, he is a Christian. No wonder he is not bothered about all the “horrible things” published about him, honestly when I read some of these articles on the internet, I was flabbergasted to say the least. How can educated people or should I say, people who ‘claim to be educated’ write such things? And even more troubling is the fact that some of the writers are brethren.

One solitary man claims that he was offered money to sit in a wheelchair and then act healed by standing up to walk as soon as Pastor Chris was done praying for him; as a result, the group that posted this article on the net, choose to discredit the testimonies of multiplied thousands, myself inclusive, who have been healed through Pastor Chris’ ministry over the years – several of these testimonies take place in homes and offices as regular everyday people watch or listen to Pastor Chris and even as they read his books and magazines. I must not fail to mention the many who received their healings through other Pastors and members of Christ Embassy, yes, members….it is common place for members of Christ Embassy like us to lay hands on the sick and have them recover. Please post details of such exploits.

It’s basic logic: Pastor Chris has been in public ministry for over twenty[20] years with signs and wonders attending his ministry.

Besides this evidence, it was also established and plainly endorsed by God, who showed His approval of it by signs and wonders and various miraculous manifestations of His power and by imparting the gifts of the Holy Spirit to the believers according to His own will.

Heb2:4 [Amp]

Pastor Chris must be a very rich man because after paying so much, he is still loaded…and he must have also paid all their relatives and loved ones who are ever ready to testify to these miracles; not to talk of the medical reports from hospitals and diagnostic centers on every continent of the globe. Okay, this man was paid to get up from a wheelchair, what about those who are visibly emaciated, incapacitated and in so much pain, were they paid to fall sick, go blind, become paralyzed, grow goiters, cancers and tumors? These images are on TV all over the world, full names are boldly published, why didn’t these guys act like true journalists and investigate the claims?

Anyway, I would like to meet the production crew of these “staged miracles” because they deserve an award, they have consistently over the years directed and produced these “block buster” events with such accuracy – that in itself is a miracle. [laughs] Boy! I just love Pastor Chris! I mean, after listening to him…. we need not worry about these folks; God loves Pastor Chris, God loves us and we’ll just keep shining in our coat of many colors.