How to confirm your #mhisregistration


Pastor Chris & Pastor Benny Hinn on the same pulpit?

In response to your many enquiries, please find below detailed information to help you confirm for #mhisregistration – culled from the MHIS2016 SuperUser Timeline on KingsChat

It’s 3days to the Miracle Healing & Impartation Services and REGISTRATION is CLOSED If you are fully registered, your QR Code should have changed from black to another color [Figure1]. If it hasn’t then YOU MUST follow these simple steps to confirm your KingsChat number.
Step 1: From your KingsChat timeline, click the chat tab – this is the first tab on the upper-left corner of your screen [Figure2]
Step 2: In your Chat timeline [Figure3], look for a message from the KingsChat User “MHIS Registration” – this user has the KingsChat logo as its Profile Picture.
Step 3: Click on the MHIS Registration user to reveal all the messages, locate the one titled Link for Registration Confirmation [Figure3]
Step 4: Click the link – the text is blue as different from the other text in black and it contains https://pastorchrislive [Figure 4] NOTE: this link is unique to YOU and cannot be transferred
Step 5: Clicking the link will display a message asking you to confirm the last 4-digits of your valid KingsChat number [Figure 5] Click YES/NO
Step 6: Once duly validated, you will receive further chats from the MHIS Registration KingsChat User and your QR code will change from black to another color.[Figure1]
Post to your timeline using #mhisresolution for further assistance and follow this SuperUser for updates
Click the link below to view the full message with diagrams on KingsChat
See you there!!

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome laid hands on me @pastortt


Pastor T.T. Edun

#mhisexpectations is a hashtag several are presently using on KingsChatthe social media rave of the moment, to share their expectations for the forthcoming Miracle healing and Impartation Services with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome & Pastor Benny Hinn. the post below is culled from the KingsChat timeline and it is authored by @pastortt.

In 1992 at the final session of the BLW Camp Meeting 1992 at the Main Auditorium of University of Benin [theme – Making the gospel relevant in a postmodern society]  Pastor Chris laid hands on me.

The power released was so strong that I, literally, flew backwards across the stage to land about 30 feet away flat on my back. That was Easter Sunday, 1992. 23 years last year.

Fast forward to the Friday night session at BLW International Partners Conference in November 2015 [23 years later] and as we worshipped after Pastor Chris’ message, the Holy Spirit speaks to me saying “From this moment, you shall begin to walk in that unction that you received from Pastor Chris when he laid hands on you at that final session of Camp Meeting 1992, I have led you over the years to arrive at this point. Go with this grace”.  

To say that I was stunned is to use a word that inadequately describes how I felt. I had forgotten about that occasion. But at that minute, I remembered it in stunningly, clear and vivid technicolour video in my mind’s screen. God had reserved a blessing for me 23 years before I would use it.

Amazing! Glooooorrrrrryyyyyy! But it took me 23 years to function in a grace that Pastor Chris already had in 1992. So don’t be surprised at how I hold this Man of God in so much esteem. Don’t criticise me for venerating him because you’ve not enjoyed the graces that I’ve received from him. When you receive what I’ve received, your attitude towards him will be identical to mine.  


My #mhisexpectation is to receive more grace for my future – any meeting with Pastor Chris is a release of grace and other spiritual gifts. I shall receive.  

In a single verse, my #mhis2016 expectation is found in Romans 1:11   “For I long to see Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny Hinn, that they may impart unto me some spiritual gift, to the end I may be established”.  This will happen to you also. But you can enter the LoveWorld Convocation Arena [LCA] , only if you have registered.

Register now by clicking 👇👇👇👇

Pastor Tuoyo Edun popular known as Pastor TT has 16,004 followers on KingsChat, he is a popular Media Personality and a Senior Pastor of Christ Embassy Intl.

Night of Bliss South Africa with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

In just a matter of hours, it will be “kick-off” time for the Night of Bliss with the man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome at the Soccer City; as at the time of writing, the venue is almost jammed. I am not exaggerating!! This reminds me of what the man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome always says: the stadia of this world were not built for soccer or any other sporting event, they were built for preaching the gospel. In his home country Nigeria, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has used the biggest spaces available with same result – maximum capacity crowds to the point where people need to be turned back.

Here in South Africa, he has done it again and again…..sceptics said he couldn’t do it this time, not the soccer city they said, even the crowd of football fans from all over the world did not fill out the soccer city during the last world cup. Well, if you could come with me to the stadium now, the facts speak for themselves – it is almost packed out. Thank God the organizers anticipated this and made elaborate preparations for those who will not get into the venue – the sheer scale of their preparations lets you know the reach of this event.

As posted on the Official Website for the program:

1. All those who collected tickets must be at the stadium between 8am and 12noon.

2. Night of Bliss South Africa will be aired LIVE in the following national Television Stations

Kenya [Citizen TV]

Burundi [RTNB Radio and National Roadcaster]

Zambia [ZNBC]

Swaziland [Swazi TV]

Malawi [MBC TV]

Zimbabwe [ZBC TV]

Lesotho [Lesotho TV]

South Africa [Soweto TV] – please note that Soweto TV is on DSTV.

It will be LIVE on our station LoveworldSat; in this way most of our invitees can participate through the night.

Apart from this, it will be LIVE on the internet and at 91 Viewing Centers spread over 9 countries in Southern Africa; this does not include the numerous viewing centers in Nigeria and other parts of Africa and indeed all over the world wherever members of this great ministry are found. When addressing the brethren at the March LIVE broadcast of the monthly communion service tried to discourage them from travelling into South Africa because of the limited space available at the program venue – he encouraged them to hook up to the LIVE broadcast of the event instead.

Needless to say, it will be a harvest of miracles, the excitement and the expectation in the arena is palpable; you can tell that the many wheelchairs all over the arena will be left empty by morning, everyone in here knows that the very air in this place will become electrified with God’s presence once the program begins. And when the man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome mounts that stage…..hey! anything is possible. That’s why they came, that’s why they have been sitting and waiting patiently from as early as 7.00am – they know that Night of Bliss South Africa will be a celebration of miracles.

I have to go now…..but  I will be back after the event to share my thoughts, do hit the comment below and share your expectations and this night, follow me on Yookos for updates.


Pastor Chris Online – a life changing experience!!!

DSC05443Have you ever wanted to have your questions answered or your comments addressed by Pastor Chris in real time? Well, you can now send your questions in text or video format and get answers on Pastor Chris Online – a special interactive online forum with the Man of God, Pastor Chris. It provides the glorious opportunity to receive truthful insights into God’s Word as Pastor Chris addresses questions raised by participants. Every Tuesday, Pastor Chris responds to questions that come to him from your emails and videos in a special Question & Answer session, you can watch these responses on Pastor Chris Online on your PC or on your mobile device. Pastor Chris does more than answer your questions, he also prays for the sick:

Kathy, from Italy says: I want to thank God for the healing. As I was watching Pastor Chris online, after the questions and answers, he was praying and he made mention of a woman that was having a back pain. I was passing through that as at that moment and immediately I received it. The pain is all gone now. I have been feeling this pain for the past 3months. Pastor Chris, thank u so much!

You can also participate daily in intriguing discussions which feature some of the questions sent to the man of God, Pastor Chris, on the Pastor Chris Online blog. The blog has been designed to give you up to the minute information on these online interactive sessions with Pastor Chris, while also providing the opportunity to be a part of something so real and true. Every week, there are interesting Quick Vote topics for you to make a choice from; the topic with the highest votes wins, and will be addressed during the next webcast with Pastor Chris. You can read exciting testimonies of impact and share your too; indeed, Pastor Chris Online is your one-stop shop for spiritual enlightenment, there is something for everyone on Pastor Chris Online.

The options for this week are:

  • The Christian and Genetic Engineering
  • Having a child through a surrogate
  • The single Christian and adoption
  • Is birth-control sinful?


Pastor Chris Oyakhilome…a Phoney??

Is Pastor Chris Oyakhilome a phony?A lot had been said and written about him in the past and present; ‘he is a fake preacher’, ‘he is controversial’, ‘he is not a real man of God’… his main critics chorused this and much more. His incredibly ever expanding ministry however remains a parody of these cynical remarks. Reverend Chris Oyakhilome remains an enigma in Africa’s most fervid charismatic nation, Nigeria. Reports of healing and miracles at the Christ Embassy Healing School in Nigeria and South Africa and from his outreach crusades have been objects to be pored over and debated in forums like Nairaland. Allegations of manipulation and deceit have been the conclusion of most critics; accusing Pastor Chris of merely acting out a script. Why? To buoy up the number his followership, and increase sponsorship of programmes

So is he really what his critics say he is?

Through an anointed ministry spanning over 25 years, Pastor, teacher, healing minister, television host and best-selling author Rev. Chris Oyakhilome has helped millions experience a victorious and purposeful life in God’s Word, …presiding over an ever-widening network of Christ Embassy Churches and campus fellowships on all five continents, Rev. Chris also pastors one of the largest congregations in Africa. He holds massive teaching and healing crusades with crowds of over 3.5 million in a single night’s event.

Now that’s what the Christ Embassy Church website tells you…but there’s more. In 2004, in the city of Port Harcourt over 2.5 million people gathered in a single event to listen to him. Pull over, Johannesburg, South Africa where train stations were shut down and frantic announcements made asking people to turn back. That program was tagged ‘Night of Bliss’ and the gargantuan crowd mirrored his subsequent programs in London and Toronto respectively. But it isn’t just the crowd phenomenon that is synonymous with these crusades; ask the people who turn up, at times spending nights in sleeping bags in front shut venue doors, standing in careening lines tarrying for a seat; then you’d get a clearer picture:

‘I had never heard anything about Pastor Chris until about mid July 2007…no wonder one of my granddaughters at age 4, called you JESUS, when she saw your picture on the cover of the DVD “In Spirit and in Truth’ – Kate Nguini

‘The first time I saw him, I was like what kind of man is this? … I now live in his world… Pastor Chris is Woooooooow’ – Eboh Ijeoma Marthina

To others, he is a great teacher;

‘I am so blessed to finally really meet the man of God, spirit-filed and God’s chosen vessel indeed. I cannot express my joy in my spirit I have, that God finally answered my prayers and connected me with such beautiful teachings of God’s word’ –  Anna Sevdianishvili

‘I came in contact with Pastor Chris through his messages in 2007 and I immediately found him to be a wonderful teacher of the Word. He so knows the Word [both the letter/written (logos) and the spirit]. I was amazed by the number of scriptures he would quote [up by heart] while he preached – Essoua Frank  

Some also see him as a coach and mentor:

‘Knowing Pastor Chris has added value to my life. I can do all things, heal the sick, fill people with the Holy Spirit, preach the gospel and lots more.’ – Tina Chibuzor

‘I am a regular viewer of Pastor Chris… in the ministry of the Holy Spirit; he has made us Christians proud’ – Akinwande Tailor

And the miracle worker:

‘May the Lord continues reveals his miracles to pastor Chris. We love you the Oyakhilome family, we are blessed in Christ as this year is the seven fold increase’ – Khanyisile Sikhosana

 What more can be said? He is definitely not a phony……I think he is more than a man, more than your eyes can see. Maybe not exactly an enigma to those who are acquainted with the ministry but definitely kaleidoscopic when you realize, critics et al, that this one man has traversed so many areas of ministry that often it’s almost impossible to keep up with the latest development.


Introducing the Night of Bliss Blog

I found this great blog about Night of Bliss with lots of juicy articles, videos and pics about Night of Bliss programs, the miracles and           loads     more…..I strongly recommend you visit, here are some excerpts from the blog.

About Us

In our everyday lives, God’s word is worth celebrating and that is what we do at Christ Embassy. We celebrate the word of God and bring people into their inheritance as we take the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ across the globe. A Night of Bliss with Pastor Chris is one of our major Flagship Outreach programs. During this program, the undiluted word of God is shared and the miraculous is made manifest through the anointed Man of God, Teacher, Pastor and Healing Minister Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.


Numerous successful editions of A Night of Bliss with Pastor Chris have been held in various cities around the world. A Night of Bliss in the city of Port Harcourt, Nigeria recorded over 1.3million people in attendance and most recently in March, three major facilities including the Johannesburg Stadium were packed out as people came in their tens of thousands to hear God’s word and receive their miracles during A Night of Bliss in South Africa. A Night of Bliss with Pastor Chris is a time to receive, be strengthened and to experience the move of God’s Spirit and indeed many lives have been tremendously changed through the revelation and knowledge of God’s word.

Our Objections

A lot has been said about the veracity of the miracles that take place at Pastor Chris’ meetings, while some have sincerely yet ignorantly questioned what they consider “utopian” and beyond belief; others have been nothing but hedonistic vituperations from a tiny colony of confused and frustrated horde of self appointed “Custodians” of Christian moral code. We are also not unaware of the fact that most of these vitriolic attacks are well orchestrated and generously funded criticisms against a personae and his message that has exposed their ignorance and uneducated explanation of the Holy Scriptures.


One of such well orchestrated criticisms against Pastor Chris was published in one low-life rag (Sowetan) in South Africa on the 4th of April 2008, few days after the Night of Bliss in South Africa.


“Nigerian preacher and healer Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has been accused by a member of his own church of staging miracle healing sessions.

Some of his followers have said that he has been hiring people to pretend to be sick and disabled and then “be healed” during his television shows and public prayer meetings.

A man who did not want to be identified for security reasons said: “I was offered R10 000 to rehearse and pretend to be in a wheelchair three weeks before the all-night prayer called Night of Bliss at the Johannesburg Stadium.”


Their aim is to fulfill the bidding of their master (Satan) – sap the expectation of the weak in faith and keep them bound perpetually for the devils final onslaught – death. They question miracles yet they pray for one. They deny the healing power of God through His Choice vessel, yet they want God to heal their failing health, they contradict the Bible yet they claim curators of the Holy Scriptures – what consternating Paradox? Much more startling is the fact that most of these critiques are supposedly Christian.


And so naturally the question arises “are the words of God written in the Bible, fictitious or factual? Are there empirical proofs that faith healing still occurs today?


What do you say? Dig in and enjoy yourself and let’s keep blogging.



indelible memories

Sometimes, I wonder why the fight against miracles, especially by church leaders who are questioning the authenticity of miracles in the body of Christ. I keep asking myself questions: do they read the bible? Are miracles not part of Christianity? Why did Jesus come to die and give us salvation? I have found an answer in the man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, who stands out to give the world the message of salvation as Jesus commanded.

No matter what anybody says about Pastor Chris, the Pastor of Christ Embassy, I believe in him, he is a man of God for this generation. He has impacted the life of millions all around the world, especially the youths. Destinies of nations, families and individuals are altered as a result of his powerful teachings and miracle programs on TV, which I happen to be a living witness.

Some time ago I borrowed a video of Pastor Chris from a friend and I took it home to watch with my family. My mother had been suffering from stomach ulcer for several years and as we watched the miracles, her faith was stirred. At a point, she could no longer restrain herself, she ran to the television set and grabbed a hold of it and immediately, she fell under the power. That was how she received her healing – to this day, she lives freely without the aid or support of any drugs.

How do you explain this? It’s a miracle, and this is what Christianity is all about; anything short of this makes Christianity another dead religion. But there will always be skeptics who will not believe no matter what they see or hear, just as we have in the days of Jesus. So, Pastor Chris, keep doing the good works, no matter what anybody says, I believe in you, my family in believes you. The rich, the poor, the sick, and the down-trodden needs you… this generation needs you.

Once again I believe in you because I see Christ in you.