Cyber Reunion

As I watched the sunset over the brackish waters of the Lagos lagoon I marveled at the myriad colours of bright red, orange and yellow burgeoning into the waters. It was simply breath-taking and could only have been the handiwork of an art supremo – God Almighty.

It brings to mind that fateful day on campus many years back while doing my majors in one of Nigeria’s many universities. I met this group of congenial, lovely people and from then on, hobnobbed with them. The times we shared rank in the top drawer of my life’s experiences, I imbibed values that rescued me from the turmoil and pressure associated with higher education learning and it is a time of my life that I’d savor forever.

But this treatise isn’t all about me for we had a lot in common; shared the same passions, our common language was an indication of our unique culture for we were ‘God-lovers’. Before long people began to ask each and every one of us if we were related, though in truth we bore no physical resemblance. The fact is we had all been positively affected by one man; Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Months and years have since gone by but the transformation has remained in our hearts and in the lives of the many whose destinies were permanently altered as a result of our intermingling with the enthralling words of this enigma.

This blog is the fulfillment of a deep seated desire to not only continue these relationships, but extend an invitation to many others like us; it is a cyber reunion and a unique opportunity to merge our voices on crucial issues. It is our window to Shout!! for the world to hear.

So from the Gulf of Guinea to Karo-Namuda and from Lagos to Akwa-Ibom and over the seas we say a hearty welcome and…. let’s start blogging.

The Shouts Blog Team