“Let’s PRAY & FAST tommorow” – Pastor Chris Oyakhilkome

Got this message on Yookos today:

“Hello everyone. We’re fasting and praying tomorrow Thursday until evening time. We’ll be interceding against accidents, deaths, and manipulations of wicked spirits among God’s people; and that you may be discerning and walk in the perfect will of the Father now and always….. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.”

If you didn’t get the message, it means that you are not yet following PastorChrisLive on Yookos…..perhaps you are still following on twitter but Pastor Chris now sends messages from http://www.yookos.com.

I am personally looking forward to fasting and praying with the man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome tomorrow Thursday 17th Feb 2011; and you need to sign up on Yookos as he will be sending out messages throughout the day. What’s more, we will be networking with believers from all across the globe making tremendous power available! Oh Glory! Hallelujah!!

What are you waiting for?? SIGN UP NOW!!

God bless you!!



Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s age – Revealed!!!

Just how old is Pastor Chris Oyakhilome? As the author of the Nos 1 Blog on Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, I have been asked this question countless times….thus, the reason for this post.

Pastor Chris says he has been in ministry for over twenty[20] years, and we know that he was actively involved with ministry from his youth – he organized crusades where the sick were healed and hundreds were saved as a teenager. So fill in your answer, just how old do you think Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is?

Well, now that you have set your mind to the task, I have a question for you – why is it so important to you how old a man of God is? What causes the blessings of God he carries to flow into your life, his age or the anointing he carries? It doesn’t really matter whether he is young or old, black or white, tall or short….all these physical attributes are not necessary for God to use a man. After all, he spoke through a donkey to correct the “madness” of a Prophet. When asked about his age in an exclusive interview with National Standard – a leading news magazine in Nigeria, he had this to say:

Q – How old is Pastor Chris? There is a mystery surrounding your age; no birthday greetings in the papers carry your age. Ans – Well, I would say I am a bit fascinated by the media creation of a mystery because none of us created it. I went to schools and so must have registered with my age declarations, I have a passport and my date of birth must be there. I have filled so many forms throughout this country. So for anybody to suggest that there is a mystery about my age seems mischievous. So I think I would rather leave it that way. Q – Will you like to solve the mystery for us? Ans – No, it seems mischievous and ridiculous, but maybe I have enjoyed the mystery created by the media over the issue and would just let it be.

So why not let the matter rest? Well just in case you are still not satisfied, I promise to ask Pastor Chris himself once I get the opportunity to get my very own Shouts Blog exclusive interview. But remember, the more important thing is the anointing of the Spirit of God and you will agree that whether or not we know how old he is exactly, we know that he is anointed of God.


The Believers’ LoveWorld Anthem

By popular demand, we decided to publish the lyrics of the Believers’ LoveWorld [aka Christ Embassy] anthem. The anthem is a message in itself….you can hear the pride in the voices of members of BLW worldwide as they hold hands, sway from side to side and sing with gusto…

Believers LoveWorld

Is a place where we share God’s love

Reaching Out with peace and love

Making plain God’s plan for all

Believers’ LoveWorld, building a happier world with love

Believers’ LoveWorld

Giving your life a meaning

All we know is a life of giving

Love is shed abroad in our hearts

Believers’ LoveWorld, building a happier world with love

Believers’ LoveWorld

We are one big family

You’re my sister, you’re my brother

There’s no difference in our midst

Believers’ LoveWorld, building a happier world with love

We are proud to be members of the Believers’ LoveWorld, proud to be identified with the man of God Pastor Chris. My favorite part is when we get to lift our hands up towards heaven and sing the last recurring line of every verse – Believers’ LoveWorld – building a happier world with love.

Indeed we are building a happier world with love, the message of Pastor Chris is bringing people together from every nation, language, color – breaking down every known barrier….we are bound by our love for God and the vision to take God’s divine presence to the nations. We are “networking the world”.

What is your favorite part of the anthem? What happens to you when you join hands in a meeting and sing these words? Have you ever been in a meeting with Pastor Chris where he joins the congregation to sing the anthem? How do you handle the bit where you sing to a sister and a brother when those on either side of you are brothers or sisters….LOL!! Click on the comments button and share your thoughts.