Pastor Chris Oyakhilome – a man with a passion for souls!!


I want to spend my life, mending broken people

I want to spend my life, removing pain

Lord, let my words, heal a heart that hurts

I want to spend my whole life [all of my life] mending broken people

I have heard Pastor Chris Oyakhilome sing this song so many times and I remember he told us how as a young teenage student, he would sing this song over and over again with tears in his eyes because he was consumed with a passion for souls. Over the years, this passion has remained the hallmark of his life and ministry. Well, I have a beautiful piece here by my friend that says more, enjoy!!

What is passion? It refers in this context to an intense, driving, or overmastering feeling or conviction. It can also be a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept.

The Lord Jesus Christ described John the Baptist as a “burning and shining light” in John 5:35. This description depicts a man who is about his business in a diligent and passionate manner that produced evident results.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome [Phd] is a present day example of someone that could be described as a burning and shining light. He surely is about his business in such a passionate manner that it shows in the kind of crusades and meetings he organizes and the results or outcome of such meetings. Pastor Chris’ passion is directed to one thing and one thing alone – the salvation of souls from around the world.

He started off with the vision to ‘take God’s divine presence to the peoples and nations of the world’; the vision has today engulfed the entire nation of Nigeria, Africa, Europe, Asia, South America, Canada, USA and indeed the whole world. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has brought together some of the largest gatherings in several countries around the world; he has hosted meetings where more than three million people have been in attendance in one single night.

What then could then be his driving force and motivation? Time and time again, the man of God has expressed and demonstrated two major things – his deep fellowship with the Holy Spirit and his “un-quenching” passion for souls. He never stops praying for them, he never stops teaching and preaching the gospel and he continuously draws the unsaved to his meetings in large numbers.

Sadly, there are many Christians who are saved, “hell-proof” and “heaven-bound”, who do not care about the souls of the lost; what a contrast to the Lord Jesus Christ – a man whose every waking activity was motivated by a passion for the lost in his day. [Luke 19:10; Mark 10:45]

But thanks be unto God for men like Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and the army of passionate soul winners he is raising all over the world. Men and women who, like himself, are ever hungry and passionate about the salvation of the souls of men.

Pastor Gbenga Ayodelec

Creator – One Million People Who Have Been Blessed by Pastor Chris!!

Wow!! Beautiful isn’t it? Thank you Pastor Gbenga – I am a part of the great army of soulwinners the man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is raising all over this great world, what about you? Click on the comment button below and declare your stand!! Remember, you can send me your contributions and I will be glad to publish them.




Folks, it is indeed “heartwhelming” to note that after the huge success recorded at the night of bliss South Africa program in Johannesburg three months ago, Pastor Chris has proven once again that he isn’t only influential in Africa but has also become a “principality” in the United Kingdom and Europe going by the reports of the hugely successful crusade at the Excel Center in London only last month.

Twenty-thousand people had breathed, tasted and drank of the miraculous and sheer heavenly bliss as they attended last month’s event-many of them seeing Pastor Chris live in the flesh for the first time, they were simply thrilled. Many received their healing and several thousand gave their hearts to Christ that night, many more were inspired for greater things.

Amazingly, I sat watching the proceedings of the gargantuan event real time on-line at a viewing center, I marveled at the graciousness of God when several people around my sitting area came out to testify of miracles they had received while watching and worshipping in the large viewing facility.

This, folks is the next dimension of kingdom evangelism, where several millions can congregate at the different places at same time and be linked via the internet in one faith and Spirit and be blessed. All of this thanks to Pastor Chris. I can gladly say I am more than convinced that Pastor Chris is fulfilling his calling and I am supremely glad to be a part of Christ Embassy.

Only last week Sunday, a program titled WORD AT WORK drew several millions of Nigerians to another virtual worship service, as brethren from Christ Embassy Churches across the country hooked up to live to a service at the LoveWorld Conference Centre, Ikeja, I was part of that privileged crowd. Isn’t that wonderful, knowing the teaching ministry of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is growing and waxing stronger everyday….

Honestly, we don’t need to bother responding to all the nasty stuff on the internet, we just need to keep “wearing the coat of many colors”. Keep shining guys!!!