Pastor Chris Oyakhilome… definitely a Crowd Magnet!!

Pastor's Pix - pconf 10It is without a doubt that some of the greatest gatherings have been attended by Christian adherents; my fascination with the ‘whys’ and ‘wheres’ of such momentous events lured me to surfing the internet and mind boggled was I at the figures that stared back at me. Millions of people have gathered at several places in different parts of the world to attend crusades, many of these meetings ….religious. Some of the ‘crowd pullers’, I’m sure you are already familiar with: A Billy Graham 5-day Crusade in London and Paris had over 2 million people in attendance, 7 million people attended a week-long Benny Hinn Crusade in India in 2005. David Oyedepo held a crusade with in 1985 with 1 million people at the Tafawa Balewa Square in Lagos, Nigeria and Enoch Adeboye hit 5 million also in Lagos in the late 90’s. The list is endless and impressive.

I was in one of such meetings – the Good Friday Miracle Night with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome; it took place at Km 40 Lagos – Ibadan Express Way on the 14th of April, 2006. It was tagged a night of signs, miracles and blessings; an epoch making all-night event which attracted a gargantuan crowd. I personally feel the estimate of 3.5million people was  modest because according to the event organizers, 2.6 million people pre-registered in the run-up to the event. The publicity campaign for the meeting was exceptional, unique and unprecedented; in the characteristic Christ Embassy style, no stone was left unturned. The most spectacular part of the campaign for me was the day a helicopter branded with the crusade colors showered hand bills on the dense population below in the busy streets of Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital. The result …… Lagos stood still!!

On d-day, all routes led to the LoveWorld Crusade Ground and Lagos-Ibadan Express Way was jammed with human and pedestrian traffic despite the excellent efforts of  government security operatives. Pastor Chris and his convoy had a very tough time getting into the grounds – though I have read a few articles whose misguided authors claim he was flown into the grounds by helicopter; take it from an eye-witness, it was not so. Every inch of the sandy ground of the LoveWorld Crusade Ground was covered by a hungry audience, they were not “miracle-seekers” as some have said, but people of all ages and from all works of life who came to experience the tangible presence of God that is evident with the man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome – the miracles are simply a manifestation of this presence. The morning after the meeting, the roads and streets leading in and out the venue were grid-locked; road users sat in vehicles for  12 hours and more -and  the brave endured the Spartan trek down the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway. It was reported two brides missed out on their weddings, their cavalcade was sandwiched somewhere in the static traffic. The unprecedented event no doubt would remain indelible in the minds of not only travelers but most importantly the crowd which had thronged in their millions to receive from God.DSC06240

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome preached the word of God with power, he message, addressed primarily to the nation of Nigeria yet not limited in its  reach, was titled “Stop the Wickedness”, as Pastor Chris ministered, the Holy Spirit swept through the congregation causing the glory of God to rest upon everyone in power. There were tremendous miracles with several thousands giving their hearts to Christ. It was a night of exclusive assemblage, in total recall mode I get goosebumps on my skin just thinking of all the momentous things which occurred that night.  3.5 million People gathered in a single night, not for sports or entertainment but for Jesus! ‘It takes God to be with a man to be able to attract such a crowd for Jesus’ remarked an invitee, undeniably speaking out the thoughts of millions about a man of God who has consistently been a “Crowd-Puller”.

Is Pastor Chris Oyakhilome a Crowd-Magnet or what? And what in your opinion is the benefit of this phenomenon to the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ? Share your thoughts by clicking on the button below.



16 thoughts on “Pastor Chris Oyakhilome… definitely a Crowd Magnet!!

  1. Saint Andrew of Lagos (SAOL) says:

    I was present at Good Friday Miracle Night.It was glorious.Pastor Chris tells us he always dreamed of pulling crowds for Jesus as a boy growing up.What this teaches us is that big dreams do come true.I mean,imagine what it’l be like few years from now: Since Believers’ Loveworld is an ever-rapidly-growing ministry, very soon Pastor would’ve taken over the whole world,including the critics.(Believers’ Loveworld is the umbrella for all the ministries of Pastor Chris, while Christ Embassy is the Church ministry arm of Believers’ Loveworld) SAOL


  2. Rolake says:

    Pastor Chris will continue to draw millions to his teachings because he is speaking the truth. There is so much watered down truth out there but he keep his focus on the master and Word. Hence because man is seraching for the truth on a daily basis and will recognise one when they see it.
    God bless you Pastor!


  3. pastor chris i listern to you every sunday on tv.i am not a christen but i believe in the lord ,he is with everyday, iam happy knowing he is with me,please prayer for my family ,my husband is upset right now because someone came into our yard and stole his car. he is afraid ,he cannot sleep at night,because our is diabetic and often goings in a coma at 2.00 am ,he wakes up every hour and goes into his room .please help us


  4. owen says:

    my Pastor is definitely a man sent from God,only those who do not know him criticize him,God has given him a message for this world and he (God) is the one bringing the people to hear and receive the message .these are the last days and the whole world needs to hear this message, pastor Chris is a vital instrument in Gods hands to reach out in this last days .stay blessed.


  5. I should say that has lots of interesting information. Looks like the author did a good job. I will be coming back to for new information. Thank you.


  6. Diane Maartens says:

    There is no other man on the face of this earth like Pastor Chris, if there is I have yet to find such a man! It’s the power Holy Spirit that causes many people who are in need of a change in their lives to flock to his meetings.
    My life has never been the same since I am came contact with his teachings and I thank God every single day for this awesome man of God..I don’t think I would be alive today if it had not been for him.


  7. Obassa O.J. says:

    He is of God and he knows himself, his calling and his God why wont he be a crown puller? The world is confused all by itself a light like HIMwill not not make the present impact he is making now…. I delcare him as THE BOSS!!!

    Tripple twaile Baba… Nothing do U.


  8. Pastor Chris is a lot of things to a lot of people. Like Jesus is to everyone what they need him to be for them. Pastor Chris to me is many things: a father, mentor, life coach just to mention a few.Facing the matter at hand, he is a crowd puller for sure. why? He is a success! God is with Pastor Chris so strong and like Jesus the crowd always thronged to come hear the word for the season: what they never heard before-new revelation that took them to another level of their lives. Because Pastor Chris has the word of life for the moment, answers to questions and solutions to challenges and gives lives a meaning-purpose for living, many throng to come get their own direction. Pastor Chris speaks words of power (like no other man) that makes miracles inevitable. I’ve been in this meetings and wow… the presence of God is tangible and I always leave with the blessing.And the beautiful part about the blessing is that you go and do likewise.Pastor Chris is always ahead with everything:did you hear of the Pastor Chris online LIVE program of the 8th of May 2009?who wouldn’t want to associate with a champion? You can still participate at is still answering questions
    Let this be an invitation to you-keep your ears to the ground for the next program and go be a part of it to have your own first hand experience of a lifetime.


  9. Edeltraud S Sibanda says:

    hi Tammy

    God says that if He be lifted He will draw man to us.l believe that Pastor Chris has a gift in interpreting, teaching the word of God and a powerful move in the holy ghost in a way that is life transforming to an individuals life.

    l would say that is a way that Pastor Chris and his ministry lift up God in this way and the more he moves in His giftings the more God lures people unto Him so that they may receive that which God has for them through Pastor Chris. So what we see in at the end of the day are merely results of obedience(Pastor Chris Lifting up God through His word).

    l am not surprised that he is a people magnet!!!!!!!




  10. kate nguini says:

    Dear Tammy,

    Pastor Chris to me is more than a “Crowd puller ” He is Something Else, He is the MAN OF GOD the world needs today. Of all the Pastors you have just listed, I had listened to Pastor Billy Graham a few times some years back , read some of his books and was touched by his teachings and then I said O LORD, if I could have a father like him so that I can just sit down and listen to him teach me Your Word daily. Then Pastor Chris was introduced to me as the LORD’s answer to my prayer. My satisfaction is to the fullest. I now look forward to someday when I will see Him face to face and recieve blessings “Live”. How I wish MANY will listen and follow his teachings.


  11. odunewu taiwo says:

    That man of God called Pastor Chris is highly loaded,Commited in spreading the good news of our lord Jesus Christ. I pray people will be blessed the more as he lift up the name of Jesus with no shame of condemning his ministry. God bless him.


  12. Vickey O. Inem says:

    Pastor Chris is not a crowd-Magnet but a crown attraction..Whenever he holds a meeting..The reason why those crowd comes is that they are hungry to receive the word of God and whenever I am in is meeting that attract a lot of crowd..I don’t afford to be distracted because His messages are always life and they make me build..I am even looking forward for His next meeting here in Nigeria and I don’t look forward to miss it because it will transform me to the Higher life in Christ..


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