Yookos!!You-own-the-cosmos!!says Pastor Chris Oyakhilome!!

Happy New Year!! It’s our year as burning and shining lights!! Yes I know, I have not posted anything new in so long…..and I have so much to tell you!! But first stop YOOKOS!! Pastor Chris unveiled this brand new addition to the social network scene as he welcomed us into the new year 2011. Yookos is short for “You own the Cosmos”; now doesn’t that just sound like Pastor Chris??

Someone might say why do we another social network? Yookos is not another social network, it’s the social network of choice; it’s the only network with PastorChrisLive; it’s the only network with messages live from the man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Even if I already belonged to other networks, just the opportunity to connect directly with the man of God Pastor Chris is reason enough for me to sign up with Yookos….oh boy, I’m excited!! Just imagine a community of like-minded people, burning and shining for the Lord Jesus Christ – Yookos is it!! And the name Yookos….let me shout about that for a minute!! Hey!! The bible says we are the seed of Abraham and God willed the whole world to Abraham and to his seed – we own the world! So every time you sign in on Yookos, you are testifying to that truth, the world belongs to you!! You cannot be broke! You cannot be poor! You cannot be jobless….no one can resist the word of God in your mouth – as you preach the word of God, many will be turned to righteousness. Now tell me what other social network does this for you!!

To sign up on Yookos:

And you are ready for a life of burning and shining in this new year. One final thing before I sign off, Yookos might be the ‘new kid on the block’ but just like that mustard seed, it will become the biggest of trees – mark my words!! Mind you this is not an empty boast, it’s just typical of the man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. There is just something about Pastor Chris that causes anything and everything he touches to grow. he called it, the ‘mimshak’ anointing. What is that? That’s food for thought and info for another days post.

Do yook me up on Yookos, you’ll be glad you did…and if you are already on yookos, click on the comments button and share your thoughts and don’t forget to join the PastorChris Fan Zone!!!





31st December Service with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Dear beloved,

Compliments of the Season!

Surely the year 2009 has been a winning year and we believe that by God’s Spirit, you have accomplished great exploits with tremendous testimonies following.

Today marks the end of 2009 and with great anticipation for an outstanding 2010, we invite you to be part of the live transmission of our New Year’s Eve Service with Pastor Chris on the Internet on www.christembassy.org and also via satellite and on numerous terrestrial stations in your location! This is a phenomenal service which will definitely launch you into 2010 in grand style and it promises to be a time of refreshing as our man of God, Pastor Chris, will be ministering under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. We urge you to be a part of it so as to receive direction for the New Year and the ability to walk in that direction.

As you prepare for 2010, have big dreams and visions and open your heart to receive. And just as stated in Proverbs 4:20-26 “My son, attend to my words; incline thine ear unto my sayings… Ponder the path of thy feet, and let all thy ways be established”, all you need to set you on that track awaits you as you participate in this glorious 31st Night Service with Pastor Chris! Hurry, click here immediately to indicate your interest to participate online.

Do ensure that you invite your friends and family members to be a part of this life – changing service and of course, get ready to enter 2010 in a blaze of glory and an assurance of victory!  You can also participate in our special Win-a-Soul campaign! Simply click here to invite as many as you can to give their hearts to Jesus today; remember, Salvation is the greatest gift of all!

God bless you!

Christ Embassy Online

Kindly click here to post your comments and share your testimonies as you prepare for this great event!

This article was reproduced with permission!!! – Shouts Blog Team

This is your season of “Sudden Glory” says Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

God, who at sundry times and divers’ manners speaks in time pass unto the fathers by the prophets, hath these last days spoken unto us by His son PASTOR CHRIS OYAKHILOME  [Heb 11:1 KJV]Pastor Chris

On August 29th 2009, I introduced to you specially to the Pastor Chris Prophetic Blog and I hope you have availed yourself of the great blessings that accrue to all from this blog. Pastor Chris would always say – one word from God can change your life forever. In his last post dated Thursday 24th September, Pastor Chris said:

It’s another season in the realm of the Spirit, which according to the book of Malachi 3:16, God’s book of remembrance is open for a season of sudden glory; and divine favor is granted in such a way that you’ll enter into a position of opportunity, influence, prosperity and power. This sudden glory is beyond what you could have imagined.

Awesome isn’t? “The Scriptures give account of several of such seasons of sudden glory initiated by a prophetic voice”…you need to read the rest for yourself, but one thing is sure – this is God’s Word to you as we start off the last lap of the year 2009. Make up your mind to finish strong, simply log on to Pastor Chris Prophetic Blog.

The Pastor Chris Prophetic Blog is loaded with words designed by the Holy Spirit to change your life forever; through the Holy Spirit Pastor Chris says, “I receive words for and about you every day that if you would believe and accept, they would become real in your life. These inspired words from God’s heart are based on revelations and visions. They never replace the written word of God – the bible – or the voice of the Spirit in your heart. Nevertheless, they give light and direction, re-echo, complement and even confirm the word of God and the voice of the Spirit in your heart.”

Culled from the Pastor Chris Prophetic Blog

I believe my man of God – Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, this is my season for sudden glory, what about you? Click on the link below and share your thoughts. God bless you!!


Pastor Chris Online – a life changing experience!!!

DSC05443Have you ever wanted to have your questions answered or your comments addressed by Pastor Chris in real time? Well, you can now send your questions in text or video format and get answers on Pastor Chris Online – a special interactive online forum with the Man of God, Pastor Chris. It provides the glorious opportunity to receive truthful insights into God’s Word as Pastor Chris addresses questions raised by participants. Every Tuesday, Pastor Chris responds to questions that come to him from your emails and videos in a special Question & Answer session, you can watch these responses on Pastor Chris Online on your PC or on your mobile device. Pastor Chris does more than answer your questions, he also prays for the sick:

Kathy, from Italy says: I want to thank God for the healing. As I was watching Pastor Chris online, after the questions and answers, he was praying and he made mention of a woman that was having a back pain. I was passing through that as at that moment and immediately I received it. The pain is all gone now. I have been feeling this pain for the past 3months. Pastor Chris, thank u so much!

You can also participate daily in intriguing discussions which feature some of the questions sent to the man of God, Pastor Chris, on the Pastor Chris Online blog. The blog has been designed to give you up to the minute information on these online interactive sessions with Pastor Chris, while also providing the opportunity to be a part of something so real and true. Every week, there are interesting Quick Vote topics for you to make a choice from; the topic with the highest votes wins, and will be addressed during the next webcast with Pastor Chris. You can read exciting testimonies of impact and share your too; indeed, Pastor Chris Online is your one-stop shop for spiritual enlightenment, there is something for everyone on Pastor Chris Online.

The options for this week are:

  • The Christian and Genetic Engineering
  • Having a child through a surrogate
  • The single Christian and adoption
  • Is birth-control sinful?


Charting a new trend in Christianity

Months and weeks of waiting have finally come down to a few hours, to coin a Latin phrase; time does indeed pass quickly. All around several Christ Embassy churches, announcements, publicity campaigns had inundated members on the upcoming event-Pastor Chris Online, weeks ahead of D-day.

However different from previous campaigns, there were neither large brightly lit banners nor posters for invited guests; everyone attending this landmark program will be attending electronically- an online guest. This revolutionary event intends to break the barriers of time, space and culture. In two hours, the President of Believers LoveWorld Inc. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is expected to attend to the needs of an online audience that he’d not be seeing; it will be his first. He’d teach, preach, take questions and pray for the sick. He’d also most likely pray for the unconverted. Perhaps it wouldn’t be improbable if you concluded this to be the next phase of the charismatic movement – an internet evangelistic outreach.

The man at the center of this all isn’t new to ground breaking: in the 90’s his teaching and healing programs broadcast in his home country Nigeria attracted millions of viewers. Praying for the sick reading testimonies of the sick soon turned to be a prime time event on several local TV stations. Another first was the launch of the first Satellite TV Network to broadcast from Africa to the rest of the world; LoveWorld Christian NetWork [LCN] continues to record million of viewers worldwide. What about the use of chairs in outdoor crusades that over the years have had thousands and more recently millions in attendance?

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has never hidden his desire to capture an ever burgeoning internet audience. ‘The internet is the future of world evangelism’ he had pronounced years ago. Today Christ Embassy is deeply rooted and spinning its influence in the World Wide Web. Its website is hugely resourceful – Internet paraphernalia; DVD’s, newsletters, podcasts, e-books, etc inundates its site and ensures that first time visitors are hooked and can’t wait for a second look-in.

There is huge expectation and excitement amongst members who are unanimous that the online event will mirror the ministry’s previous successes. Social networking sites are already being bombarded with notices, invites, ads; groups and blogs are being formed, all for this historic event. Suddenly with millions of eyes on desktops, laptops and palmtops visual display screens and eager fingers caressing mouses and touchpads, a click away could guarantee a change of destiny for millions of lives.


Pastor Chris Online Real-time Live!!!!

pastor-enhancedIt’s Hot!! It’s Sizzling!! It’s the rave of the moment……it’s Pastor Chris online real time!! Wow!!!

Have you ever wanted to have your questions answered or your comments addressed by Pastor Chris in real time? Well, for two hours on May 8th 2009, from 17:00GMT, you have the unique opportunity to be part of a live, interactive program with the man of God Pastor Chris. The Word of God will be taught and questions and comments answered on the spot! Being the first of its kind, there is so much to look forward to.

  • How can you be a part of this mega event?
  • How can you tell all your friends and get them to be a part of it too?

Stay connected to www.pastorchrisonline.org and of course right here on the No1 Pastor Chris fan blog for up to the minute information on how you can participate and get the best of the event.

Click here and REGISTER NOW!!! Once registered, you will receive your password for this epoch-making event!! You can also register your friends by following this link!! You will be glad you did.

Is this long overdue or what? Do share your thots by clicking on the comments button below!!!