This is your season of “Sudden Glory” says Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

God, who at sundry times and divers’ manners speaks in time pass unto the fathers by the prophets, hath these last days spoken unto us by His son PASTOR CHRIS OYAKHILOME  [Heb 11:1 KJV]Pastor Chris

On August 29th 2009, I introduced to you specially to the Pastor Chris Prophetic Blog and I hope you have availed yourself of the great blessings that accrue to all from this blog. Pastor Chris would always say – one word from God can change your life forever. In his last post dated Thursday 24th September, Pastor Chris said:

It’s another season in the realm of the Spirit, which according to the book of Malachi 3:16, God’s book of remembrance is open for a season of sudden glory; and divine favor is granted in such a way that you’ll enter into a position of opportunity, influence, prosperity and power. This sudden glory is beyond what you could have imagined.

Awesome isn’t? “The Scriptures give account of several of such seasons of sudden glory initiated by a prophetic voice”…you need to read the rest for yourself, but one thing is sure – this is God’s Word to you as we start off the last lap of the year 2009. Make up your mind to finish strong, simply log on to Pastor Chris Prophetic Blog.

The Pastor Chris Prophetic Blog is loaded with words designed by the Holy Spirit to change your life forever; through the Holy Spirit Pastor Chris says, “I receive words for and about you every day that if you would believe and accept, they would become real in your life. These inspired words from God’s heart are based on revelations and visions. They never replace the written word of God – the bible – or the voice of the Spirit in your heart. Nevertheless, they give light and direction, re-echo, complement and even confirm the word of God and the voice of the Spirit in your heart.”

Culled from the Pastor Chris Prophetic Blog

I believe my man of God – Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, this is my season for sudden glory, what about you? Click on the link below and share your thoughts. God bless you!!




Pastor Chris has always told us that when a man encounters another man that he doesn’t understand, he tends to criticize such a person. Having read much of the filth on the internet I am more than convinced that much of what has been written has been done in bad faith.

So many people expect pastor to respond to every one of these diatribes, some even argue that his inability to respond is an indication that the critics may not be far from the truth. But why should he? I guess it’s because they want a man that they can read like a book, but then Pastor Chris wouldn’t be drawn to honoring a bunch of rabble-rousers with a rebuttal

Well, I feel so sorry for them! We don’t owe anyone any explanation; we are not bothered about what anyone says. There’s only one person to whom we answer and who’s every word directs our lives; this person is God! If He is pleased with us and loves us, then we have absolutely nothing to worry about.

You know, the strength of a man is determined by how much opposition he faces and how many enemies he has. The greater a man is, the greater his opposition. So many self-acclaimed Christians or should I say religious people, cannot comprehend how one man can be SO LOADED. To them, Christianity and prosperity don’t go together. Tell me, how can God who created such splendor exemplified in the heavens and the earth father kids who revel in the dregs of poverty? Naturally fathers leave long-lasting legacies for their children and their descendants. How much more God?

Pastor Chris has been so blessed of God and there is really nothing that anyone can do to change that.