well, we are not exactly what you’d call your “regular” folks though we love to feel the rush of wind on our faces and the early morning rain droplets on our skins. We have a lot in common; share the same passions, our common language is an indication of our unique culture for we are ‘God-lovers’. Albeit we represent change because we dare to stand for what is right, we dare to stand for what we believe in.

Though the Shouts Blog is not an official website of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome or The Believers LoveWorld or Christ Embassy Intl, it is a fan blog of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome a man who has become the single most influential figure in all of our lives. And we dare to speak out and announce to the world that we love Pastor Chris Oyakhilome – he is a man’s man.


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Joel says:

    wow. after reading so many trash filled notes on Pastor Chris, this page was a glass of fresh water after spending what must have felt like eternity in the desert called the world wide web. i felt are you saying i’m the only one who makes bold to say that i love pastor chris oyakhilome.hahaha. thank you guys. i have a request though, reading this page of yours i juts couldn’t help but ask for your personal email address.


  2. Bruce Ngumo says:

    I am not a Christ Embassy member but i am inspired on TBN and Love World Ministries. Thank you very much they have surely changed my life completly.


  3. Saint Andrew of Lagos (SAOL) says:

    God bless Tammy for the good work! There’s an anointing on this blog because it celebrates a man of God. SAOL


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