Making a difference!!

Who would you consider to be a less privileged person? Someone who either does not possess such rights that I have or an orphan many would oft answer. I know of a young lad called Zion – his name I changed for the purpose of this post. He was eight years old when his father brought him to Lagos from Akwa-Ibom, both in Nigeria. On arrival, his father took him to Ojuelegba , a commercial hub in Lagos state , and asked him to wait for him under a fly-over while he headed to an unknown destination.

That wait turned out to be Zoe’s longest wait, for 24 hours he waited but his father never showed up. So at just eight years old, Zoe began his sojourn on the street of Lagos and a battle for survival, it was a risky and dangerous life underneath the Ojuelegba bridge where he was constantly at the mercy of other street urchins and marauders.

Today, the course of Zoe’s life has changed; he no longer resides underneath a bridge but lives in a well furnished apartment, attends school and speaks English fluently. He is happy, well dressed, well fed and above all, he knows that God has a purpose for his life and he’s is not an accident.

Indeed it is not by providence all this has occurred, but credit must go the InnerCity Missions of Christ Embassy for its great work among Street Children; glory to God for sending a man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome who is giving their lives a meaning – he would always tell us, ‘Remember, every child is your child’. I shudder sometimes shudder when I imagine what would have become of Zion if not for the ministry of Pastor Chris…