A Prayer for You – Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Pastor praying 2Sometime last year, on my birthday to be precise, I wanted to so much to have Pastor Chris Oyakhilome pray for me personally, and it didn’t look possible until I remembered that I got a free Prayer CD in my copy of his book The Seven Spirits of God [Get your copy at the Christ Embassy Online Store]. So, I put the CD in my player and knelt down beside my bed and Pastor Chris began to pray for me….boy, was I ever so blessed. It’s been over a year now and I have seen the fulfillment of these words of prayer in very miraculous ways. This is why I decided to share some of these precious words with you – I already posted these words of prayer on another page on the blog and the testimonies have been so inspiring and the requests touching.

I pray for you, that the blessing of God’s word will rest upon you and in your home, health is yours, strength is yours, promotion is yours, protections is yours, increase is yours, in the Name of Jesus, no weapon fashion against you shall prosper, and God will increase you from glory to glory, you will move from grace to grace, from strength to strength, and continually experience the victory of Christ in your life, in the might Name of Jesus. I pray that God will guide you, and fill you with the spirit of wisdom, and revelation in the knowledge of God, I pray that He will enlighten the eyes of your understanding, in the Name of the Lord Jesus. I pray that He will cause you to increase, in every way, cause you to make progress in your life, may God continually review Himself to you, in the greater measure all the time, may He fulfill His divine purpose in your life.

I speak in the name of Jesus, that the power of the Spirit of God will move you from where you today to the next and higher level of success; I decree in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the circumstances, men, materials, finances, will fall into place to cause you to move to the next and higher level of success. The grace of God is working in you, in the name of the Lord Jesus; doors are opening for you now, opportunities are opening for you now, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I speak by the power of God, your name is coming up for opportunities now, your file is coming up in the name of Jesus. They have to remember you in the right place now; in that place of opportunity they remember you now, in the name of Jesus.

Culled from A Prayer for You by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Take these words for you as we begin the last quarter of this great year of the 7-fold increase and may God help you to finish strong in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!! I want to know that these words have  ministered to you personally, click on the link below and share your testimonies. God bless you!!!

Tammy Ashley


54 thoughts on “A Prayer for You – Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

  1. David Nathaniel Awoyale says:

    Am really blessed by your prayers pastor Chris am so much grateful, please continue praying for me that God should change my life for good in Jesus name and that he should see me through in my academics places in Jesus name.Thank you sooooooo much.


  2. Thank you God for giving pastor ChrissOyakhilome the wisdom for this prayer I stand on the word of God I have the faith in me that my Famlies and I will never get sick forever and ever Amen


  3. Adedayo fashola says:

    Pastor chris is more dan a father cos e has done more than wot my father can do for me both d teaching n every thing pastor sir i love u


  4. Lucas says:

    I Have never realised who i am till pastor chris opened doors in my spirit that were closed i wana thank u pastor for that and tell u that never stop what u are doing cause god will increase and restore all things that the devil trying and try to take from u just wana let u no that now i no who i am because of u and also will let u no that i will remember u in my prayer my god of peace b with u u are not alone as i no that i have brothers and sisters out there in prayers to over come situations of the devil AMEN


  5. Suzan Ofem says:

    Amen. I have taken these prayer from Pastor Chris for the now even thought those glorious and power filled prayers was for 2011, I have Lambano it for the now. Thanks very much Rev.( Dr) Chris Oyakhilome D.Sc, D D. God bless you continually in Jesus name Amen.


  6. philimon tefu says:

    Hi thank you pastor your prayer filled me with energy and more life in me and mountains are brought low before me in Jesus name and im blessed thank you.


  7. Tionge nyasulu says:

    I am blessed by the prayer and have faith that whatever has been said will come to manifest in our lives for God took us from darkness to His marvelous light.we are blessed descendants of Abraham.we are Gods chosen people.the royal priesthoods,joint rulers with Jesus Christ over all good things created for Him by God Our father.AND INDEED ALL THINGS HAPPEN for our good and to our advantage for the Grace and mercy of God is upon us who believe and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord and He is the beloved Son of Our Sovereign God who bought us by His Precious Blood on the cross setting us free from eternal death.may the Grace and Love of Jesus Christ be with us all for the rest of our lives.BLESSED BE MIGHY NAME OF GOD OUR FATHER.JESUS CHRist OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR.AND THE HOLY SPIRIT.AMEN IN JESUS NAME


  8. Nancy Mohlala says:

    I’m blessed in Jesus name,prosperity is mine,I have a break through on my marriage and financial problems ,Jesus said ask by my father s name I will provide , I receive in Jesus name Amen I feel so blessed


  9. thank you pastor for this wonderful opportunity. Thank you for teaching me the word of god so much. Thank you pastor.this morning i got a call from somebody.the person called me for a work actually. When he called me he said i should come and help him too work.ok i now ask what is wrong whith keke napeep. Ok the man said is the kick starter is not working that means is not rowling as usual. Pastor could you believe that as i was going 2 work for the man who called me for the work. The holy spirit is talking too me . He said if i get there that i should used something too hit the kick starter.when i got too the place. I did as the holy said too me.and the kick started working . I just wonnan it is important too be yearing the holy when he talks too us. He talks too some people some times but they dont year the holy spirit.pastor i just want 2 say a very big thank you for teaching me the word of god. Am brother chinonso obiagwu from christ embassy gbagadd 3.my year of favour.


  10. mazuba mwanza says:

    I thank God almighty for the man of God to preach the end time Gospel, which whoever shall believe it will be saved.May his ministry receive favor with God and with man.may God show up strong with his saving power to people of the world through his ministry.he is a blessing to me and so is to the world.i thank God for making me to meet the man of God Pastor Chris.My life has been beautified by Gods grace,miracles has been part of my life.Pastor i love you so so so much. remain bless.


  11. kings says:

    Me and my family we thanks God for giving us his son in our time who is showing us the right way to follow
    Wahala dey for the wicked ones cos this man of God is a fire, is better for them seek the face of God and turn for their evil ways.
    may God strangthen you our father in the lord his more power and blessing


  12. Sdudlah says:

    I just want to thank GOD for working through pastor Chris,battles may come ou way but those battle aint our,the belong to the Lord,all we gotta do is hold on the Almighty is teasting us……….Glory be to GOD!


  13. NOBAHLE says:

    I thank God for your life Pastor Chris. I bless the Lord for your vision and for using you so mightily to change people’s lives for the good and save souls.

    Pastor you’re such a blessing in many people’s lives and definately in mine. As I recieve more of God’s word through you, my spirit is lifted up to a higher level and the more powerful I become, also the more knowledge and wisdom I recieve;
    I’m doing my own collection of the ministry’s material and I would suggest that others do the same because, the more I watch and listen to those DVDS and TAPES, the more revelation of God’s word in my life thus, the more I know who I am and the more I know my rigts in Christ.

    I am the Love child of the Love God. God is Spirit and therfore I’m born of the Spirit, that is why I’m dead to sin because sin is of this world and I’m not. I’m a new creation, old things are passed away and all things are become new…

    Thank you and I love you so much Pasor Chris, may God increase you more and moreas you go on demonstratng the charecter of the Holy Spirit all over the nations of this earth. May Gog grant you the desires of your heart, and your vision be fulfilled in Jesus name.


  14. phiolah says:

    i always hev testimonies pastor chris, thank you so much for your prayers. may the almighty God continue to shower you with his blessings. thank you PASTOR CHRIS.


  15. Fenoarisoa NANJA says:

    I thanks to Jesus, for this Prayer of the man of God. at the same time as i read this, i fill the glory of God falling in me.
    The prayer is working in me. Alleluia


  16. Dimakatso Mofokeng says:

    Your prayer is work on me.Thank you pastor.God is my surviour everyday and everyhour he is my faithfull Lord.


  17. Dimakatso Mofokeng says:

    Thank you Pastor for your prayer everyday, i thank all multi God to gives as the Pastor who are helping people in the name of Jesus Krest Amen


  18. Thomas Hamata says:

    This prayer has worked for me in The Name of Jesus! I would like to know when the next prayer day is. Please get back to me. Regards.


  19. The man is Mightly used by God! This is by choice and by GRACE! Anyone can make a choice to follow Jesus or to fall on the devil’s trap! The GRACE sustains us in the Kingdom of God! Shout Amen everybody! Whhhoooooo! Heeeey!God is faithful to those who are faithful. Let us adore Him, come on everybody! He is the King of Kings! God Bless you man of valour!


  20. Saint Andrew of Lagos (SAOL) says:

    What strikes me deeply about that prayer CD is the passion with which he prayed those prayers! You need to hear the depth of it. It’s profound. How could I ever fail if my man of God can pour out his heart to me like that. Remember how Isaac as a prophet poured out the blessing on Jacob. It was irreversible. It’s a rare privilege. Saint Andrew of Lagos (SAOL)


  21. jeffbillion idemudia says:

    thanks so much for this great opportunity,i was so bless and i sure have testimonies,my outreach meeting is on saturday 17th oct,am using these great prayers to achieve a successful outreach.thanks once more


  22. xolelwa says:

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank Pastor chris for his words of encouragement. U r my comforter! I thank God for man like you. Plz pray for me that Gods will be done in my life. I love you Pastor! you r the best!


  23. Phumezo says:

    May God keep on blessing you so that you can keep on blessing us. We luv you Pastor Chriss. PLZ pray for me, i need more happiness in my life. i need a big change. i need another job that can feed my family. i need gud change in success. With these words i know everything i have asked for will happen in the name oj jesus christ.

    Thank you




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