A Prayer for You!!

Have you ever wanted Pastor Chris to pray just for you? Well, the Shouts Blog team has the answer to that prayer. All you need do is log in daily and go to the “A Prayer for You” page and you will find words of prayer just for you! We dug into our collections and put them together specially…. say them out loud and end with a big amen – meaning so be it!!

God bless you!!

The Shouts Blog team


22 thoughts on “A Prayer for You!!

  1. lawrencia Boateng says:

    I really want to thank the lord for his goodness and mercies that has been with me throughout the difficulties that i happenned to find myself in.Glory be God!…..Amen


  2. samuel Gyampoh Asare says:

    i am always blessed and touched by your ministry. Really the kingdom of GOD walks on earth in that,you are a living testimony.may HIS GRACE forever abound unto you ,ministry and your family in all things.amen!


  3. Yotamu Banda says:

    Pastor Chris,I admire the way you prech and sing.I admire the healing power of the LORD. Man OF GOD, pray for my daughter CHARITY BURINDE BANDA, who left home on 23/11/2010, and is said to be in SOUTH AFRICA. Pray that she comes back.



    Pastor Chris i admire your spirit and your healing gift that GOD has given you. You are truly an inspiration in my life. I pray that my father in heaven will shower me with that gift to. I watch you over T.V and cry over the healings and testimonies i hear and see. I am so passionate for more and more that GOD has in store for me. Pastor I am anoited child of GOD. I love JESUS and GOD (MY DAD) with all my heart. I feel so much within me right now has I am writing to you.

    My name is Michelle Chetty the princess of the most high GOD that sits on the throne in heaven. The bush not light burns within me for FATHER & SON for more & more


  5. Theresa Ofori says:

    Hello Father Pastor Chris,

    I enjoy watching you on TV, I get encouragement from your preaching whenever I listern to you.

    May God protect you from all the plans of the enemy in the Spiritual and Physcial realm


  6. Hello paster chris how are you i know that almighty God you are so fine i dont have any thing to said about you God bless you thanks for your help in this world i now that all this thing come from god . God will bless you more than this i know that god can give you a land life god almighty bless you and your family plaese god dont forget this paster in your world paster chris god bless you !!!!!!!!!! i now that all this thing you can do it about your self you need god also powers and prayer god give you more powers in this world and heavens also god bless you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good bey !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. Bukiwe Monqo says:

    Pastor you are the man of God. What I’m asking God right now is a life partener.I’m ready to recieve that blessing
    right now.I know God is going to bless me .Amen .


  8. Mr Langford says:

    Pastor Chris,
    thanks Pastor for your word its brilliant,puts so much life in me in and so many , in Jesus mighty name Pastor God bless you mightily and more………..


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